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The Point of View of CONSCIOUSNESS

Understanding the role holistic or gestalt principles play in the practice of AAIT will help us explore what we mean by consciousness in “Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of CONSCIOUSNESS.”

Helping Our Clients Build the Point of View Muscle

We all know that value of being able to assume another person’s point of view. But do we REALLY know the cost of NOT being able to assume another’s POV? We are now seeing the cost escalate at our southern borders. We will all suffer for this horror.

2017, It’s Almost a Wrap

After a weekend of rest, reflection and time with family, I’m ready to get back to it — these last few weeks before the holidays always feel like a sweet wind-down to me. This year, celebrating the graduation of the 2017 AAIT Fellowship Training Group and I’m a bit ahead of the curve in planning my next year’s calendar.

Collaborating with the Real Self

In the AAIT Immersive Learning Group, we’ve been talking about the role of collaborative agreement in AAIT. A foundational component of AAIT is the commitment to collaborative agreement. I thought I’d share a bit of that discussion with you.

There are two aspects to collaborative agreement. The first is the awareness of with whom we are collaborating; the real self of

Who are we serving?

“I’m so much more of who I am and so much less of who I think I should be.” This is the news that greeted me when talking with a client recently. This kind of news lights me up as a therapist. It makes oh so clear how valuable our work is. Do you know how valuable your work is?

Meeting in the Space of the Heart

I’ve read lots of articles recently about being with family in such a highly charged political environment. As healing arts professionals, most of us have worked long and hard on developing our skills in listening, setting boundaries and standing in what’s true for us without bashing the “other.” Nonetheless, it can be challenging, the best thing I’ve read so far on this topic was …