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Professional Development

For the Love of Community

It never ceases to create a sense of humility and awe within me at the number of inspiring, lit-up people here in Knoxville. We are a community that is hungry to create lasting progressive change. We are hungry to be the best we can for our loved ones.

One small change can lead to expansion

EXPANDING our comfort zone is inextricably linked to expanding our reach. We all have comfort zones, in just about every area of life, food, movement, travel… Same when it comes to our practices. Most of us get into a comfort zone and hang there.

The beauty of small learning environments

AAIT is the culmination of years of experience, practice, and study, study with master therapists. I’ve not been shy about the importance of my teachers. Y’all know how I feel about them. What you may not know is how I feel about my students.

Using Techniques to Curate Your State

“I want to be able to ask for what I want without being SOOOO afraid about being seen as needy or somehow just too much. How do I integrate that?”

Such a good question, isn’t it? One of the things that I JUST LOVE about my clients is their willingness to embrace a practice that lets them FLOW with life. They know that

2017, It’s Almost a Wrap

After a weekend of rest, reflection and time with family, I’m ready to get back to it — these last few weeks before the holidays always feel like a sweet wind-down to me. This year, celebrating the graduation of the 2017 AAIT Fellowship Training Group and I’m a bit ahead of the curve in planning my next year’s calendar.

Still Lighthousing

In our last session, they dove far past limitations of traditional talk therapy and learned to help clients (AND themselves) untether from the pull of unconscious identities and identifications. It was deeply rewarding to watch the lightbulbs come on as painful tensions fell away. Meet one of this year’s participants, Bobby MacNamara.

Secrets to a Flourishing Practice, Part 2

There’s one more secret to a flourishing practice. It’s the one I’ve held to for so long, I didn’t even think of when I was writing Secrets to a Flourishing Practice. Sometimes you just don’t see the nose in front of your own face! It didn’t even come to mind until I saw the comment from my friend, Jeff Brunson.

Secrets to a Flourishing Practice

A recent issue of Psychotherapy Networker asserted 33% fewer people turn to therapy than they did 20 years ago. Good news. Bad news.

The good news is that our clients are more savvy than 20 years ago. They often come in with a higher level of awareness and clarity about what they want. They are seeking rapid relief and may even tell you they don’t have the patience or time for those “slo-mo” approaches from a “by-gone era.”