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Change rooted in resolution, resilience, and freedom.

Resolve Reactivity.

Uncloak TRUE Self.

Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT™) liberates clients (and practitioners) from the compulsive psycho-emotional pain of conditioning.


With AAIT™, we access sustainable relief in minutes, not weeks, or months.

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Do you…

Feel EXHAUSTED after getting into the weeds of clients’ pain-filled stories?

Long to feel CONFIDENT that you can help most clients in most sessions?

Wonder if there is a faster, more RELIABLE way to help people?

Discover a refreshing fascination with your important work while learning to address trauma, mood, and much more.

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Ease suffering with an approach and guide clients into relief while contributing to decreased reactivity and increases in present-focused attention, compassion and skillful choices.


Engage clients with easy-to-learn embodiment practices that help them transcend the stressors of daily living while cultivating resilience and becoming established in steadier states of being.


Energize your experience of practicing psychotherapy, coaching or spiritual direction as you learn to liberate yourself and clients from tethered pain, clearing the way to inner freedom.

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A gift for you

We are committed to doing what we can to support healing arts professionals take responsibility for and tend to their own state of being. Towards that end, we hope this award-winning guide supports you on your journey. We hope you enjoy our weekly-ish Sunday Connection email offering insights and integration tips for healing arts practitioners.