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Imagine a path to having more impact with less emotional work.

Right now, people are STRUGGLING.

We are facing an increasing demand for mental health services for the foreseeable future. We need efficacious ways of meeting that demand that recognizes the limitations of time and other resources.

We also know that more than 70% of people seeking mental health care want their care provider to use a structured approach. AAIT(™) provides both structure and rapid change.

Alongside the press of client need, you may be struggling yourself. With this collision of need alongside outdated models of care, many in mental health are feeling defeated and on the verge of burnout.
After all, we’ve seen a lot. These have been challenging times. We’ve witnessed enormous pain in the work of showing up, being PRESENT for the healing of others.

You may be experiencing the limitations of what you’ve learned so far.

There’s an easier path to relief and wholeness that doesn’t demand we understand the implications of a narrative or spend weeks building towards relief.

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AAIT™ Courses

AAIT™ Foundations

AAIT™ FOUNDATIONS lays the groundwork for your successful practice of AAIT.

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Fellowship Training Group

The AAIT™ Fellowship Training group is an immersive training journey that culminates in certification.

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Curate Your State

Discover how to support your clients with AAIT™ practice groups.

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