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Curate Your State™ Facilitator’s Training

Discover how to support your clients with AAIT™ practice groups

Curate Your State™ facilitator’s training gives you everything you need to offer small group experiences aimed at supporting you and your clients develop an embodiment practice.

You will enrich your skills and learn to teach clients principles and practices to help them resolve reactivity and uncloak the true self.

The updated SERVE approach helps our clients immediately grasp the intention of practice – to serve our own freedom, to serve the TRUE self.

Bring group facilitation skills alive as you discover how to create and maintain a strong group crucible. At the end of this course, you will be able to offer Curate Your State (CYS) courses to current clients and attract new clients.

CYS: Embodiment gives clients the support they need to establish a home practice rich is creativity and results.

CYS: Playing a Higher Game is a continuation of Embodiment that supports clients in expanding their ability to take responsibility for and tend to their inner state. This course includes an experience of Satori, an experience of awakened understanding of who you are.

Both courses include weekly facilitator instructions and client workbooks, ready to print.

In this training you will learn to teach the following practices for clients:

·      Basic PEAT
·      End of Words
·      The Universal Process
·      Deep PEAT 4

A jewel of the Curate Your State Facilitator’s Training is learning to facilitate the Satori Protocol, developed by Vladimir Stojakovic. Once clients experience the gnostic awareness of who they are beyond conditioning, other work can more with greater ease and speed.


Certified Fellowship Training Group graduates




Virtual Training via Zoom

Investment Options

One Payment of $1475

Four recurring monthly payments of $370

Refresher Fee – One Payment of $525

Refresher Fee – Three monthly payments of $175


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