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Check below for our listing of AAIT Certified practitioners by state. You are welcome to contact them directly to inquire about their services.

AL-10 - Amy Lepore

Amy Lepore, LCSW

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Location: Elmhurst, Illinois
Virtual Appointments: Yes
Accepting New Clients: Illinois residents only
Phone: 630-384-9605

Amy is a licensed clinical social worker and owner of Amy Lepore Counseling in the Chicagoland area. Whether she is sitting across from you in her sunny* office or on the other end of the computer screen, she brings professional attentiveness and her caring, intuitive personality to your session.

Amy helps adults who are struggling with:

  • Managing strong emotions and difficult relationships
  • Recovering from substance use disorders
  • Healing from complex grief over the sudden or traumatic loss of a loved one

She uses effective therapy models, including the brilliant and holistic Acceptance and Integration Training, to help individuals find their clearest Self and to restore balance in their life. To learn more about Amy’s approach, and how she can help you, check out her website. If you are still interested, send her an email to schedule a time to discuss your counseling needs.

*when it’s actually sunny

LaurenS - Lauren LaPorte

Dr. Lauren LaPorte, Ed.D., LCPC, LPCC, NCC, RYT-200

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Dr. Lauren LaPorte, Ed.D., LCPC, LPCC, NCC, RYT-200 is a board-certified counselor and licensed psychotherapist in California and Illinois, with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, and holds certification as a yoga instructor. She draws upon 20+ years of practicing counseling and her corporate and higher education experiences to help create unique therapy plans with her clients. Each plan is developed specifically to address the needs of the client and may include a focus on healing trauma, decreasing stress, reducing burnout, increasing job and life satisfaction, and creating functional habits.

What you can expect: After a brief phone consultation to determine if her practice can fit your needs, your first session may consistent of getting to know you and the concerns that bring you to therapy. Then you will work as a team to develop the best plan to achieve your desired goals. Each session begins with discovery and follows the phases of AAIT™.
Lauren provides both in-person and Telehealth for clients in Illinois and provides Telehealth to clients in California.

Marcy Pritzen, LCSW

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Marcy Pritzen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the
Chicagoland area with thirty years of experience.
She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and incorporates
a holistic model of mental health, nutrition and balance while
helping enable individuals to take charge of their lives from the
inside out.

With AAIT, Marcy is a compassionate listener and committed to
understanding your personal needs and goals while empowering
you to discover your True Self in order to attain overall life

Marcy provides both individual and group psychotherapy both in
person and via Telehealth. She has extensive experience working
with adults struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, trauma,
relationship issues, as well as developing goals to attain health
management. She welcomes all sexual orientations and gender

Contact Marcy
Phone: 847-636-6364


Florence Paquet, MSW

See Florence's Bio

Florence Paquet is an MSW, Acceptance and Integration Training counselor, doula and reiki practitioner specializing in healing trauma. As a soulful healer, counselor, and doula living and working in East Tennessee, Flo is devoted to empowerment. She connects her clients to their own wisdom and strength with practical, deeply reflective tools for holistic healing.

KHusman (1) - Kerri Husman

Kerri Husman, MD

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Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Virtual Appointments: Yes
Accepting New Clients: Yes
Phone: 866-425-8066

When you have the opportunity to do what you love every day, work has a new definition entirely. I am filled with humility, gratitude, and awe at the successes my clients have during sessions. The opportunity to provide healing space for lasting rapid change has been afforded to me by fantastic teachers, caring ancestors, and wonderful clients.

My training includes certification as a DCEP (Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology), CHMRP (Certified Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner), CHTP (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner), CIHC (Certified International Health Coach), AAITCP (Acceptance and Integration Certified Practitioner) and IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner). It was my functional medicine training that brought me to Energy Psychology, and for this I am forever grateful. I additionally have trained using professional EFT with ACEP, Thought Field Therapy – Alg, The Art of Raising Vibration, and continue my training with Healing Touch for Animals, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Intuitive Wellness Coaching, and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. I am proud to be a forever student, and expect this in my own health care providers.

Currently, at, I offer services providing medication management along with psychotherapy (licensed in the state of Iowa), as well as a separate coaching and healing practice where I offer Healing Touch (for pets and people), Core Shamanic healing, and wellness and performance coaching. I do not treat my psychiatric patients as coaching and wellness clients, or vice versa, but am blessed with a wonderful network of colleagues whom I can refer to if additional services are required or desired.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Rick Fridrick

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The son of a Chaplain, a Middle School Teacher, and a CNA to the Elderly,
Rick Fridrick was raised with the value and a desire to serve and help others from an early age. Rick was born and raised in a small steel and pottery industry town in Eastern Ohio, but when he was a teenager, his family moved to Central LA, where he lived for 7 years.

Rick attended college at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches LA, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Addiction Studies. After graduating from NSU, Rick married his wife, a Louisiana Native, then immediately moved to Knoxville, TN where they lived for 9 years. During that time in TN, Rick obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from The University of Tennessee. Rick has been working in a social service capacity since 2006, and has been working in a clinical capacity since 2009 providing individual, group, family, and couples counseling to underserved populations of all ages and backgrounds. Rick obtained clinical licensure to practice in March 2011 and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) since March 2016.

Rick has work experience encompassing geriatric care, residential and behavior modification treatment with troubled youth, addiction/substance abuse-related treatment, Program Coordination serving individuals with special needs, as well as working in outpatient mental health counseling settings.

From 2012-2021, Rick’s focus had been working in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) setting starting out at Cherokee Health Systems in Knoxville, TN as a Clinical Therapist providing counseling services to undeserved populations regardless of their ability to pay and treating people with both their mental health challenges as well as physical challenges. This experience at Cherokee Health Systems led Rick to move back to Central Louisiana to take on a full-time clinical position as a Behavioral Health Consultant, as well as, a part-time role of Behavioral Health Director for the Trinity Community Health Centers of Louisiana.

Since 2021, Ricks most recent endeavor, has been the establishment of his
own mental health private practice with Alexandria Counseling in Alexandria, LA. where he provides individual, couples, and family therapy to Teens, & Adults struggling with various mental illness and situational stress, helping them free themselves of emotional pain and suffering fast!

With his use of AAIT, He has had great success on issues such
as Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Trauma/PTSD, Mood Instability/Bipolar, Grief, Substance-Related, Emotional and Physical Pain, Situational Stress, Family dynamics, and so much more. Ricks goal is to share his “TRUE BaYOU Standard” of “Revealing & Healing Your True You, Unlocking Your True Potential & Providing You Lasting Results!”

Rick also offers a spiritually-informed approach with his patients if they so choose. Rick has a true passion for spiritual growth and understanding one’s purpose within their spiritual state. This passion has led Rick in a role of ministry & spiritual direction off and on since 2002.

To see if Rick is the right fit for you check out the below link for more info and ways to reach him:

V9xGLIOJDRaWkL2-jPWo6iCkY0Q5qBpRRg-scaled - Aubrey Vick

Aubrey Vick, MFT-I

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I have my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. I am currently working towards my Marriage and Family Therapist license and work under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I have a certificate in Perinatal Mental health and a passion for working with individuals throughout pregnancy, the parenthood transition and adoption. I also work with individuals who are living with anxiety, depression, grief and those who are facing obstacles in their lives that has left them feeling “stuck”.

I offer premarital and marital counseling, as well as family counseling.

I view the therapeutic relationship as a partnership- we work together in order to define and meet your personal goals. I use a method called AAIT- acceptance and integration training. Through AAIT I guide clients in their journey to uncover their true self. I use various processes within AAIT that alleviate emotional suffering.

IMG_8372 - Brittany Tipton

Brittany A. Tipton, LCSW

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Brittany A. Tipton is a Knoxville based Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience. Over 10 of those years have been spent in the Medical field as a counselor and advocate for people dealing with serious medical diagnoses. Now, Brittany is providing counseling with an expertise in health related trauma, grief and anxiety.

Brittany also specializes in working with medical professionals and with mental health clinicians due to the common experience of stress resulting from their great work. Clients often focus on growth within the areas of stress management, professional goal attainment and spiritual development.

When working with Brittany, clients can expect a space of care, where values of dignity and worthiness for all people are promoted. Brittany is both direct and gentle, while leading clients into greater connection with their true selves, with others and with God of their understanding.

Currently, Brittany specializes in telehealth or virtual therapy with women and adolescents, ages 12 and older. At this time, therapy is for Tennessee residents only. A HIPAA compliant virtual platform is utilized with electronically signed paperwork and managed insurance billing for client convenience.

Brittany has been trained in various types of therapy, but due to the effectiveness experienced personally and with clients, Acceptance and Integration Training®, is the main modality utilized in therapy.

8C4DA6A0-5AA9-4A32-8E34-C6873DADDA27 - Carla Winchester

Carla Winchester, LCSW

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Carla Winchester, LCSW has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. She works with clients from 14 to 80 years of age. Her work with a variety of populations include clients who have experienced trauma, blended family issues, anxiety, depression, grief, and couples. Carla is LGBTQ+ affirming.

Having experienced the healing potential of AAIT(TM) first-hand, Carla is eager to share this promising model to quickly help relieve the suffering of others. Carla is a warm, friendly and engaging therapist. And this warmness spills over at times with the help of her Goldendoodle, Kodiak, who is training to be a therapy dog.

Emily Laura Hoffman

Emily L. Hoffman

See Emily's Bio

Emily Hoffman is a designer, visual storyteller, creative problem-solver, and holistic coach (multi-passionate, anyone?) whose work uses the modality of AAIT to ease the tension between the complex and the simplistic, revealing a blissful, yet irreverent playground from which you can bring your creative ideas to life. Emily can guide you through self-betrayal, codependency, and “clutter” to design a life (or creative project) that honors your unique wiring and sovereignty. In her spare time, she loves to play piano, learn languages, and roam the hills of East Tennessee.

To schedule:

Profile Pic - Jason Abrahamzon

Jason Abrahamzon

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I am truly passionate about my work and by virtue of my brand as a licensed counselor; you know that I am the right person to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. I specialize working with adults (18+) in a variety of settings that experience anxiety, symptoms of depression, seeking to create meaning in life, and making difficult choices. I am trained in many different evidenced based practices focusing on mindfulness, meditation, realistic and obtainable goal setting, and a focus on the here-and-now.

I am respectful of our time and will give you great value during each and every session. I am very protective and respectful of both my time and your time. I confidently set my fee based on my time and the value I provide and I am currently only accepting tele-health clients due to the pandemic.

My training and dedication to the counseling profession brings a level of knowledge and confidence to create a meaningful environment where you can feel safe, cared for, and secure as you work through different presenting issues in your life and seek greater peace.

Jody Butler, LCSW, LADAC, CEAP, MAC, SAP, Accudeotoxification Specialist

See Jody's Bio

Jody Butler, LCSW, LADAC, CEAP, MAC, SAP, Accudeotoxification Specialisist

307 High Street, Maryville Tennessee 37804
(865) 386-4642 Fax: (865) 379-2869

LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) TN #4599. Licensed since September 19, 2005.
LADAC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor) TN #268. Licensed since
September 1, 1997.
MAC (Masters Addiction Counselor) National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Counselors #507112. January 2006.
CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional) Employee Assistance Certification
Commission #0040649. Certified since October 1, 2004.
Qualified Substance Abuse Professional
Federal DOT Regulations and Assessment Requirements met beginning June
2003Auricular Accudetoxification Specialist # TN 188since June 27, 2011
Level Two EMDR training completed October 2007

EDUCATION: BS in Human Service University of Tennessee Knoxville 1994 – 1996
MSSW, Clinical Track University of Tennessee Knoxville 2000 – 2002

1/28/2008 – Present
Private Practice, Maryville, Tennessee.
Counselor. EMDR, psych education, psychotherapy, alcohol and drug assessment
and education. Referrals as needed.
04/17/2010 – May 31, 2013
English Mountain Recovery Center, Sevierville, TN
Counselor. Responsibilities include; Providing Women’s group therapies and
individual counseling sessions. Provide Accudetoxification group sessions.
6/24/02 – 1/17/08
Blount Memorial Hospital Concern Counseling and EAP, Maryville, TN
Counselor. Responsibilities included; assessment, education, contracted company
trainings, counseling, and referral.
09/1999 – 12/2001
Bob McColl LCSW, Alcohol and Drug IOP, Knoxville, Tennessee
Counselor. Responsibilities included; assessment, education, facilitating individual and
group education and counseling.
09/1999 – 12/2000
New Hope Recovery Center Morristown, Tennessee.
Counselor. Responsibilities included; developing policies and procedures,
education, assessment and follow up, facilitating group therapy.
08/1991 – 04/1999
Cornerstone of Recovery, Louisville, Tennessee
Responsibilities included: Evening shift Manager Responsible for staff and Client care.
Facilitating groups, assessments.

National Association of Social Workers
National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing International Organization

Lauren Startup

See Lauren's Bio

Lauren Startup founded the Tend Together Collective, a virtual collaboration space for individual and community healing that welcomes all ages, bodies, identities, and abilities. While researching bias at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Lauren discovered two things that spurred the creation of Tend Together:

1) there’s magic in personal practices of ongoing self-reflection, self-education, and self-care
2) community supports offers depth and lasting steadfastness to individual, personal practice

Tend Together features rotating event and workshop content focused on full living, liberation, unraveling bias, creativity, and joy offered by Lauren and collaborators.

Lauren is proud to have undergone the rigorous training required to become an AAIT practitioner. She employs AAIT in facilitating individual and group sessions. In her care, clients discover the solace and mysterious wonder of conscious living as their relationships with others deepen, and they come home to who they really are.
Work with Lauren or join us at Tend Together.

E0A01AD4-8F03-442D-B04F-587EC635B59D_1_201_a - Logan Mahan

Logan Mahan, MSSW, LMSW

See Logan's Bio

Logan is a Licensed Master of Social Work working toward full licensure. He is supervised by Jimmy Hill, LPC, as well as by an LCSW supervisor.

Logan is a certified Acceptance and Integration Training™ practitioner and uses AAIT to help clients quickly resolve the layers of conditioning, self-judgment, loss, regret, and trauma that have grown around and obscured the true self.

Logan especially enjoys working with sexual minority men navigating stuck points related to their sexuality. This often includes religious and spiritual trauma, grieving fractured relationships, navigating sex & romantic relationships, and dealing with anxiety and existential confusion surrounding issues of faith & sexuality.

Logan’s clients tend to experience him as gentle but direct, with both a warmth that models the kindness he wants clients to have toward themselves and a solid precision he knows they need to face their fears and become who they really are.

When Logan isn’t working, he loves to hike in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains, wrestle on the floor with his German Shepherd Eden, and support the work of a local non-profit he co-founded, River & Rail Theatre Company.


Stacy Hernandez, LPC

See Stacy's Bio

Stacy Hernandez is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is devoted to helping those who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress management, self esteem and those simply trying to find their place in this world. Stacy is certified in Acceptance and Integration training. She graduated from Hardin Simons University where she received her Masters of Arts in Family Psychology.

Stacy truly believes there must be a collaboration that takes place where she and the client will decide on a specific plan that fits their needs. This may include deciding what has kept you from achieving your goals or having difficulty moving forward by using AAIT methods. Together, Stacy and her client will be putting pieces together to rebuild your masterpiece of your true self.

Once we can identify our limiting behaviors and beliefs, a new sense of freedom can emerge. Stacy wants to be able to help her clients with this utilizing AAIT methods. She provides a warm, safe, non-judgmental space where her clients can feel free to express, heal and transform to their true authentic self, while identifying ways to bring peace and wholeness to their life.

Stacy wants you to know change is about interrupting the habits and patterns that no longer serve us. As you begin your journey with Stacy, she wants you to understand what you’d like to be free from, free to do and free to become the best version of yourself.

When Stacy is not helping others, she enjoys riding her scooter or driving her 65 VW beetle around the back country roads of Knoxville. Stacy has been married 21 years, has 2 children, 3 dogs, and 2 tortoises. Stacy strongly believes in AAIT and incorporates the process in her own daily self care.

Give her a call at 865-218-8994. She can’t wait to work with you!

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Wanda Komjathy

See Wanda's Bio

Wanda is currently undergoing licensure in the state of Tennessee. She works primarily out of Knoxville, Tennessee and is devoted to working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, and/or have a chronic illness(es). She is also passionate about working with individuals who are experiencing grief and have undergone traumatic events. She works with individuals as well as groups. Her goal is to establish a space that is judgment-free and a compassionate place to be one’s self and vulnerable.

She is fluent in American Sign Language and worked as a community ASL interpreter for five years. She is an advocate for Deaf rights as well as an LGBTQ+ ally and has a soft spot for veterans. She is dedicated and passionate about promoting empowerment and healing to individuals within both Deaf and hearing communities.

When not working, Wanda loves to read, DJ with different music genres, and is an avid video game player.


Sean Bryant-Nelson, MSSW

See Sean's Bio

As a non-binary parent of a multi-racial family, Sean specializes in work with the LGBTQ+ community, parents raising racially diverse children, and with issues surrounding grief and spirituality. She seeks to guide students and clients in appreciating diversity in a way that understands and affirms all people. Sean welcomes clients of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, and social groups struggling with everyday life challenges.

Sean is an MSSW with more than 23 years of experience working with adults, children and families in numerous capacities in social work. In addition to working full-time with the College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee, her AAIT private practice is focused on areas of personal and professional growth.

If you feel like you don’t quite fit in, can’t accept the mold that society has created for you, or want to uncover your true self and find a way to stand in your own truth, Sean is a skilled guide. Sean joins her clients in partnership on the self-acceptance journey to uncover their true self and purpose.

Elizabeth Cole, MA, CCC, SLP

See Elizabeth's Bio

Elizabeth Cole MA CCC SLP, is a lover of all things movement.  She is an AAIT™ practitioner, Licensed Nia Technique First Degree Black Belt Teacher and Nia Moving to Heal Choreography team member.

Her rich background in sensory integration as a Licensed Clinical Speech Language Pathologist first ignited her belief in the power the human body has to feel better through a connection to physical sensation.

Elizabeth came to Acceptance and Integration Training, after working with Melanie McGhee, creator of AAIT™, for her own self-healing.  Her experience of freedom following this work inspired her to become an AAIT™ practitioner.

Elizabeth’s focus is creating wholeness weaving the wonder of Nia with AAIT™. She lives and practices in Asheville, NC where she lives with her husband and best friend.


Stephen Otis

See Stephen's Bio

Stephen has been practicing spiritual direction for over 20 years. In his work with clients, he utilizes the powerful therapy methods of AAIT in order to chart a path back to the true, luminous self. As a lay monk (Celtic tradition), he incorporates contemplative practices (meditation and hesychasm). As a nature teacher, he also offers natural immersion practices (forest bathing, sit spots and solitude). He has an educational background in Anthropology and Creative Writing, as well as a Master’s in Religious History and Ancient Texts.

Stephen is enthusiastic about working with those who are “deconstructing their faith” or who find themselves “out in a desert wandering.” This can be a vexing time in life, causing anger, anxiety, confusion and distancing (from God and others). Having grown up in the throws of a “fire and brimstone” environment, he understands the difficulty of finding a path toward joy, acceptance and peace.

He also enjoys working with artists to chart a path toward greater creativity and help enliven their work and craft.

In addition, Stephen has a passion for working with fathers, enabling them to find deeper connection with themselves, their work, and especially learning how to have a profound presence with their children.

When he is not offering spiritual direction, he spends time being a dad, exploring nature, and also works as a director and teacher at Knox Forest School, that he co-founded with his wife, Sara. Stephen and Sara have three kids (Zoe: 7, Lola: 6, and Walker: 4).


Bobby McNamara

See Bobby's Bio

Bobby McNamara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Knoxville area. He provides individual and group therapy services and is also available for video conferencing sessions. Bobby is certified in Acceptance and Integration Training™; a promising therapeutic model that helps people feel better quickly. He graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and received his Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. Bobby’s practice is devoted to helping those who are dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger, stress management, compassion fatigue, trauma/PTSD, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, grief/loss, self-esteem, weight management and he helps athletes on their mental aspect of the game.

When Bobby meets with clients, there is a plan of action. The two of you collaborate to discover the problems that have kept you from achieving your goals and resolve those problems with the use of AAIT methods. A new sense of freedom emerges when we are no longer limited by the bad things that have happened in our lives. AAIT enables you to take full control of your life and wellbeing.

When Bobby is not devoting his time to his clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, three children, and pets: Joey Jet (dog) and Jake from State Farm (cat). Being a former Division 1 athlete, he loves to stay active and have fun. A good pizza and University of Tennessee and Professional Chicago sports teams feed his soul. He often incorporates AAIT processes in his self-care.


Kara Logan

See Kara's Bio

Kara Logan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor in Maryville, Tennessee. She is devoted to helping those who struggle with addictions and with those who desire to heal from their trauma. Kara provides individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults and offers telehealth sessions to those who are unable to attend in person. 

Her goal is to provide an environment that is comfortable yet challenging and allows collaboration with the client to bring about personal growth and better understanding of their needs as they are unique to each individual. Kara believes fully in working together to achieve each clients goals. She truly enjoys helping people gain hope for their future and make positive changes in their lives.

Along with utilizing Acceptance and Integration Training in therapy, Kara also utilizes EMDR, Trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Relapse Prevention therapeutic techniques if beneficial. 

When not at work, Kara can be found hanging out with her husband and two boys. She is also a big fan of hiking, books, great coffee, and football.


Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 3.41.30 PM

Patricia Wharton

See Patricia's Bio

Patricia is an Acceptance and Integration Training® certified practitioner.  She uses AAIT™ to help clients gain freedom from old wounds, limiting beliefs, problem resolution, and anxiety, just to name a few. The pain of life is revealed in many different roadblocks that keep people from creating their dreams.  Patricia works with those struggling with inner barriers that stop them from building self-esteem, reaching their goals and creating a life that is enjoyable.  Please learn more at


Patricia is also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.  She provides alcohol and drug assessments, counseling and education.  She is familiar with the court system and the types of reports required for the judge.  She is aligned with Behavioral Health Systems as an EAP for Denso Manufacturing.  She also accepts referrals from Substance Abuse Professionals who work with the Department of Transportation.  Patricia knows that there are many opportunities to use AAIT™ for drug related problems such as compulsions and cravings.  Helping addicts is an important role to Patricia. She is passionate about helping anyone struggling with addiction.


Why choose Patricia for your counselor?  She has 10+ years’ experience counseling.  Patricia is an insightful and compassionate counselor who is neither judgmental, pushy, or prejudiced.  She meets you where you are and provides the care you need. Her goal is to provide an environment that feels safe and meets the needs of her clients.


Please contact Patricia Wharton at 865-219-3615 to schedule an appointment.  


Sarah McNamara, LCSW

See Sarah's Bio

Hi, I’m Sarah McNamara, LCSW and I provide individual counseling services in Knoxville, TN.

I’m passionate about helping women to live authentic, empowered, connected lives. I welcome women of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, spiritual beliefs and sexual orientations. It is my privilege & passion to walk with women on their journey to wholeness and healing.  

Here are the brave & courageous women I often see in my office:

WOMEN on the often bumpy, often painful journey to motherhood

You are near and dear to my heart and it is my absolute privilege to share this space with you.

MAMAS in the thick of motherhood

There is not much that can bring you to your knees like MOTHERHOOD, am I right? Do you ever feel like in giving so much to others you’ve lost sight of who you are? Together, we wrestle with the hard & the messy to find JOY in the chaos.

The ADOPTION and FOSTER CARE community

As an adoptive mother myself, I believe with every ounce of my being that it does not matter in what ways your babies come – only that you love them. And while this journey is such a beautiful one, on the path to healing there is often pain & heartache. Together we lean in to help you cultivate peace in your heart & home.

WOMEN craving deep & meaningful connection with themselves and others

Maybe you feel as if you’re constantly battling stress and overwhelm. Maybe painful events of the past are holding you hostage. Maybe you’re constantly feeling as if you should do, be or achieve more. Maybe you’re just feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward. Whatever the reason may be, these things have a sneaky way of leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our people and completely stealing our JOY. We will work together to bring you WHOLENESS & HEALING.

I’m here to help.

I offer a safe place for you to be real and vulnerable. No need for guilt or apologies here, sister. Just a compassionate space where we wrestle with life and all its messiness. We’ll work together to bring you peace and wholeness – it is possible, even in the most unlikely of places. I love AAIT because it works quickly to relieve emotional suffering and bring peace. It also allows me to customize my approach to the unique needs, strengths, and abilities of the women I work with. If you are seeking true, authentic and life-changing transformation – let’s get started!



Tammy Marshall

See Tammy's Bio

Tammy Marshall is a dynamic and passionate Speaker and Emotions Coach who specializes in emotional eating.

At age 14 Tammy knew she was to help others “get out” but didn’t know exactly what that meant. But after overcoming her own addictions at age 25 and walking out the journey of emotional eating, co-dependency, etc. she began to work with others to “get out”. Today not only does she understand what it is to get out of a damaging lifestyle, belief system, and mindset but has created a method to teach others. She is the creator of The UnEmotional Eater Academy where she teaches others the tools and techniques to live a balanced, happy, healthy life.  She is a certified EFT, AAIT, and Relapse Prevention Practitioner utilizing leading-edge technology to resolve emotional suffering.  She is committed to shining the truth of God’s love into every lie planted in a person’s life to steal their identity and their joy.



Sara Ridner, LCSW

See Sara's Bio

Sara Ridner, L.C.S.W. is the founder of Align Therapeutics – Facilitating Alignment of Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit through provision of coaching and psychotherapy.

With more than 28 years of Social Work practice, Sara has seen the gamut of life from the traumas of medical crisis, to the struggles experienced with mental illness and addiction.

Sara’s gift is helping her clients discover and ALIGN with their innate strengths and resilience. In the process, she collaborates with her clients as they learn to cope more effectively with stress, engage in more satisfying relationships and create they live they truly desire.

Sara has specialized in the treatment of trauma, addictions, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and difficulties in interpersonal relationships.

In addition to being a certified Acceptance and Integration Training practioner, Sara is skilled in the use of traditional therapies including EMDR for treatment of trauma, 12 Step Recovery, Schema Therapy, Family Systems, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She has a collaborative approach to design a plan that will best serve you.

Sara enjoys working with adults to heal from traumas, deepen existing recovery from addictions, develop effective coping skills, improve relationships, and bring life into Alignment with True Self.

Phone: 865-254-8222


Kathy L. White, PT, GCFP

See Sara's Bio

Kathy White is a MOVER and a self proclaimed movement geek. She helps our bodies remember what the brain forgot!

She is a duly licensed physical therapist in Tennessee and a North American Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She has loads of other initials and credentials she could share, they are listed below if of interest to you.

Kathy began her journey with AAIT while participating in a women’s group led by the founder Melanie McGhee, LCSW. Ultimately it became crystal clear the broader benefit of AAIT in her solopreneur/private practice.

Kathy has been helping people improve their movement, behavior, relationships and careers for over 30 years. Her unique expertise and lifelong commitment to learning connects the dots between posture/movement, emotions, and the mind.

She offers a variety of scheduling options, both local, in person and global via video conferencing;

private 1:1 sessions/small group classes/mini intensive workshop/training packages.

Themes include better balance, better breathing, move better feel better, powerful posture, better bone health, Walk with Me, Sounder Sleep,

Kathy is quite the creative, in life and in her practice. She loves building customized movement solutions, navigating a path toward a more effortless way of moving, and empowering you to

“Live the life you love, and thus, Love the life you live” (Bob Marley)

Phone: 865-851-9366

Beverly :: Headshots

Heather Beverly, MSSW

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Heather is a certified AAIT Practitioner who provides one-on-one coaching sessions to clients age 16 and up. She is passionate about helping people free themselves to live fuller and more joyous lives through the transformative power of AAIT. She helps clients clear personal blocks to success, self-acceptance, confidence, and well-being. For people who are ready to make real, lasting changes in their lives, who are ready to dive deep into their emotions and beliefs, this is the place. This is seismic change from the inside out. 


Heather helps clients navigate stress, transitions, relationship difficulties and divorce, as well as those wanting to find direction and fulfillment in their lives, and those seeking to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection with oneself. She is especially passionate about working with women struggling with health challenges. Exploring what the body is trying to tell us through physical symptoms can uncover unconscious conflicts and emotional suffering. Heather then employs AAIT to resolve those issues, which can be a powerful part of one’s journey toward health and well-being. As a classically trained pianist and singer, Heather also has a heart for working with musicians and performers of all kinds. The experiences of stage fright and feeling not good enough are often seen as just coming with the territory of performing, but this doesn’t have to be the case. AAIT can help to quickly shed those fears and insecurities, leading to more enjoyment being on stage and greater ease of artistic expression. 


Having experienced the benefits of AAIT™ first-hand, Heather is dedicated to making this transformative approach available to others. She provides a safe, judgment-free space for a collaborative journey with clients to identify and resolve life’s difficulties, whether those be stumbling blocks or boulders. She feels privileged to share in each client’s journey from emotional suffering to well-being.


Heather works with coaching clients virtually across the United States. Contact her to schedule a free 20-minute discovery session over the phone to talk about your goals and how she works to see if this is a good fit.



Phone: 865-214-7591

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Glenn Soberman, PhD

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Glenn Soberman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years clinical experience.

He is a certified teacher, therapist and supervisor of Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy (TRET)and Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) and is also certified in Acceptance and Integration Training with a private practice in Waterbury, VT.

He has provided trainings to mental health professionals in North America, Central America and Europe including at international conferences. He has been an adjunct faculty professor at SUNY New Paltz and Marist College.
He is currently providing trainings in TRET level I and II.
His previously published book is Letting Go: A Self Help Manual for Emotional Well-Being.