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AAIT™ Fellowship Training Group

Facilitate freedom for you and your clients

Learning AAIT™ in the rich supportive environment of the Fellowship Training Group simply cannot be surpassed by even the most advanced clinical training.

Investing in a solid, albeit innovative, paradigm launches you on an adventure guaranteed (seriously) to deepen your understanding and set the stage for your practice to become even more fulfilling, finally free of imposter syndrome.

“It’s amazing to be able to know what to do to help someone with pretty much whatever they bring.”

Sarah McNamara, L.C.S.W. 

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Do you yearn to help people heal and find wholeness, but…

You find yourself feeling overwhelmed and defeated by the growing demand of these stressful and tumultuous times?

Your clients feel the fatigue and defeat of slow change?

Wonder if you are still cut out for this work?

Need an approach that leaves you uplifted, not exhausted?

Long for the means to give yourself what you give clients?

This group is for you if you…

are frustrated by the limitations of talk therapy

are attracted to working with people in the confluence of spirituality and therapy

yearn to be able to reliably facilitate rapid relief and change

appreciate the value of experiential learning

are ready to dive in for a professional certification like no other

For clients with issues related to…

Anxiety and depression

Fears and phobias



LGBTQ concerns

Health, body, and much more

A year from now, you will be thanking yourself for the life-changing decision to join us for the Fellowship Training Group. Guaranteed.

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This certification course engages participants in IMMERSIVE learning during which you will:

Learn to create a crucible for transformation as they lean into phases of change that will give both practitioners and clients a familiar rhythm and structure to client sessions. The familiarity of these phases naturally supports the development and expansion of clients’ capacity for self-reflection.

Discover how leaning into these phases brings clarity, guiding clinicians when they have wandered into the therapeutic weeds. Through discussion, observation and practice they will discover the competencies, value, and ease of each phase.

Become skilled in several acceptance and integration methods through observation, partner and solo practice.

Participate in 13 days of training scattered over several months.

Gain clarity through study of the training manual and books included in your course.

Connect with the AAIT™ community via 24/7 access to our private online community.

Study videos and other resources in the AAIT™ Skills Lab, open 24/7.

Engage with practice partners with whom you will advance your skills and enhance your understanding.

Crystallize your understanding with contemplation and writing.


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2021-2022 Training Dates

Facilitated by Bobby McNamara, L.C.S.W.

Dates: TBA
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