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Resolve Reactivity. Uncloak the True Self.

Transform Your Practice with the Fellowship Training Group

Empower you and your clients with mental health care that WORKS.

You became a therapist to HELP people. The big secret of the industrial complex of therapy is that talk therapy doesn’t get the results we or our clients want.

The lack of therapeutic structure and the myth that we need to UNDERSTAND the origins of a problem to provide relief leave many therapists (and our clients) disappointed with the lack of progress.

Gain the easy confidence that comes from actually being able to help your clients with almost any problem in almost every session.

Experiencing the common results of AAIT™ including decreased reactivity, alongside increases in compassion and mindful awareness inspires therapists and our clients as we find it SO MUCH EASIER to make skill choices free of reactive charge.

Ages 4 – 84 appreciate the rapidity of relief without excavating laborious excavations into the past.

Facilitate sustained relief and change that result in real FREEDOM for you and your clients  without taking weeks, months and years to get there.


What You’ll Learn

You will discover how to:

Engage clients in clear and focused sessions

Think differently about how to effect deep and lasting change.

FINALLY and easily tend to your own wellbeing with self-care that makes a real difference.

Lift your clients (and yourself) out of the conditioned pain of old words and traumas and patterns of being that no longer serve.

Help you and your clients find steadiness and peace even in the chaos and challenges of life’s storms.

Make thoughtful decisions without having to think about them, accessing inner wisdom with ease.

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Learn proven strategies that unlock the radical power of acceptance and integration.

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Like many healing arts practitioners, you yearn to help people feel better and find wholeness, but you…

Find yourself feeling defeated and overwhelmed by the growing demand of these stressful and traumatic times

And your clients are feeling the fatigue and defeat of slow change

May be wondering if you are still cut out for this work

Need an approach that leaves you uplifted not exhausted

Long for the means to give yourself what you give clients …

If you..

Are frustrated by the limitations of talk therapy

Tired of having the same old conversations witnessing the same old pain

Are attracted to working with people in the confluence of spirituality and therapy

Yearn to be able to reliably facilitate and witness real change

Elevate your ability to help your client access their own inner wisdom

Appreciate the value of experiential learning

Are ready to dive in for a professional certification like no other…

You are not alone in feeling the limits of what you’ve learned.

A year from now, you will be thanking yourself for the life-changing decision to join us for the Fellowship Training Group. Guaranteed.

Fellowship Training Group Session Topics

Session ONE:  AAIT™ Foundations (Learn more here)

Get grounded in understanding how to use the AAIT™ principles, phases and foundational skills to help our clients access lasting change. We include Foundations in the certification program as we have discovered that reviewing this material enhances understanding and prepares you to embrace the rapid change techniques learned later in the Fellowship Training Group.


Session TWO:  Integration & Freedom from Automatic Negative Thinking

Learn to recognize and dismantle automatic negative thinking (ANTS) patterns. These mental habits distort and skew our perspective about self, others and life. These mental tendencies make it hard to manage stress and exacerbate depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.


Session THREE:  Accessing Change in the Stream of Consciousness

Observe, practice and troubleshoot a process of change that takes us into the stream of consciousness to alleviate deep and layered problems in a single session, Deep PEAT (Prime Energy Activation & Transcendence). In this session, you will learn to guide clients through the murky territory of layered pain and access profound feelings of wholeness and wellbeing.


Session FOURIntegration

Live demonstrations, practice and troubleshooting ensure competency and skillful understanding of what has been learned. Through engaged discussion, we synthesize learning alongside the ins and outs of teaching embodiment practices.


Session FIVE:  Uncloaking the True Self

Through an experiential guided seminar, you will uncloak the true self and access expansive states of non-dual awareness. This evokes a profound understanding of who you are beyond the ideas of who you think you are. This session brings alive embodied understanding of non-dual awareness and the true Self beyond conditioning and ego.


Session SIX:  Integrating Identities

Understanding the influence of identities and identifications increases our ability to support clients in overcoming the challenge of opposing internal goals and decisions. This innovative approach to discovering and depotentiating the attachments to identities and identifications.


Session SEVEN:  Ethics, Research, and Integration

Active discussion of ethical guidelines and considerations give you what you need to provide quality client care. Using public domain research tools made available in training materials, you will discover easy ways to track client change. Review, discussion and demonstration round out your training to ensure you are fully confident in your new skills.

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The synthesis of the principles, phases and practices of AAIT™ reveals an inner spaciousness in which problems give way to steadier and expanded states of awareness. Insights arise naturally and goals become more easily attainable.

  • The true self is not encumbered by the limitations of a narrative. The true self is a being.
  • Self-acceptance is a means and measure of wellbeing.
  • Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom.
  • Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.
  • Integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.
  • The nondual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation.

Dismantle layers of delusion that veil the true authentic self, eliminating emotional, psychological, and spiritual charges that conceal our essential nature.

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Why apply to the AAIT™ Fellowship Training Group?

Our clients come to us in pain. They want to feel better, fast. They want to achieve their goals and ultimately move into a greater ease of being in life, to live from their authentic true self.

And we do the very best we can to help them. We go to graduate school, learn what we can, continue reading and studying.

Yet, life gets busy. We toodle along getting CEUs, doing our best, but not quite making the REAL difference we know we can make, we YEARN to make.

This can chip away at confidence and a sense of efficacy.

These days, more of us are approaching burnout from going through the same experiences many of our clients are. Work, this thing that can fill us with a sense of purpose AND well-being becomes a source of defeat and exhaustion.

Our spirit seems to fade. AAIT™ practitioners find it to be spiritually nourishing and congruent with the teachings of many spiritual traditions from the Bible to Buddhism.

Learning AAIT™ in the rich supportive environment of the Fellowship Training Group simply cannot be surpassed by most advanced clinical training. Investing in a solid, albeit innovative, paradigm launches you on an adventure that will deepen your understanding and set the stage for your practice to become even more fulfilling, finally free of imposter syndrome.

Using this trailblazing approach will immediately set you apart and support you in being able to meet a growing demand for rapid relief without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

AAIT™ practitioners impact clients in a way few therapists and coaches can. That gets attention, allowing clients to find you. As one participant said, expanded skills means expanded opportunity.

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Time for some real talk

Just because you’re keeping up with CEUS and professional reading doesn’t mean you and your clients are getting the results you want.

Life is too short. Our time is too precious.

To be able to help ourselves and our clients untether from the charged pain of unmet needs, trauma and more is profoundly liberating.

You have two choices…

Keep doing what you are doing, getting the results you are getting. You may not know what you are missing.

Take the leap. Learn to support yourself and your clients take responsibility for and tend to the inner state while discovering increasingly expanding states of wholeness and freedom.

AAIT™ Fellowship Training Group is designed to support psychotherapists and related healing arts professionals in learning and applying AAIT™ in their personal and professional lives from the first day of training.

In this immersive certification program, you will refresh your attraction, interest, and skill in the important work you do by learning how to:

  • make the most of the therapeutic hour
  • access and integrate somatic impressions
  • facilitate comprehensive problem resolution in one to three sessions
  • integrate AAIT™ principles into your work, giving context and
  • understanding for these new experiences
  • cultivate resilience while helping yourself and your clients access expanded states of awareness
  • discover the power of applicable insight that arises following integration

If you’re still not sure, just send us your questions at

Think differently about how to effect deep and lasting change.

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What’s included

  • 24/7 access to our private online community of practitioners
    Numerous worksheets and flow charts
  • 24/7 access to Skills Lab with video training, reading materials and more
  • Tips for facilitating clear and focused sessions
  • Empowered practices you can share with your clients they can use on their own people to manage stress
  • The support you need to facilitate expansions in self-awareness, compassion and present focused attention as clients become accustomed to steadier states of being
  • Comprehensive instruction in principles and processes that guide your therapeutic interventions and reignite your enthusiasm for engaging in meaningful work
  • The support of the community and practice partners helping you apply what you are learning to your personal life. After all, haven’t you kind of secretly wished someone would help you like you help others? This course is designed to support you in gaining as much personal as professional benefit. Like our clients, we too yearn to live from our authentic, true self. AAIT™ is a journey into that territory.
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2023 Training Dates

Facilitated by Bobby McNamara, L.C.S.W.

Sept 8,9,10
Oct 6
Nov 3,4
Dec 1,2
Jan 12,13
Feb 2,3
Mar 1,2

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