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AAIT™ Foundations

March 17-19 2023 &

April 28-30 2023

How to Relieve Trauma and More Without Wading Through Weeks of Pain

Discover a paradigm and approach to alleviating psycho-emotional pain for your client (and yourself) without laborious excavations into the past. AAIT™ Foundations lays the groundwork for accessing sustainable change in minutes not weeks. There’s an easier path to relief and wholeness that doesn’t demand we spend weeks trying to understand the implications of a narrative or building towards relief. We can help our clients (and ourselves) access resolution and relief within minutes.

Who It’s For

AAIT™ Foundations is designed for professionals who want to help their clients break FREE from the psycho-emotional pain that binds them. Although Foundations is not a pre-requisite for the AAIT™ Fellowship program, many people appreciate the opportunity to learn a bit before embarking on the journey of certification. Healing arts professionals who enjoy working in the confluence of psychotherapy, self-development, and spirituality have had great success with people who journey with:

Depression and Anxiety




Bipolar Disorder

Relationship issues

Sexual wellbeing

Body dysmorphia and other body related-issues

Spectrum-related concerns


LGBTQ-related issues

Children, teens, adults, seniors

...and more

What You’ll Learn

In AAIT™ Foundations, you will learn to help clients easily develop an increased capacity for emotional regulation, release long-standing difficult problems and resolve trauma within minutes, not weeks.


EVEN IF you are worn out by the demands of your important work and are skeptical about new approaches

EVEN IF you feel like an imposter and think you need more experience under your belt before exploring alternatives to traditional talk therapy.

EVEN IF you have been practicing for many years and already invested in your learning only to be disappointed or wanting something more.

EVEN IF you are close to burning out and losing interest in the work of helping people.


RELIEF. RESILIENCE. FREEDOM. For you AND your clients. Our clients, regardless of their primary problem, experience the pain and stress of challenging life circumstances and seek relief. Most of us are no different in that regard.


You can learn to reliably resolve trauma and other stubborn problems. Neutralizing this pain reveals the pause between stimulus and response – a gateway to more conscious choices and greater inner steadiness, free from reactivity.

Experience the satisfaction of watching your clients get lasting relief in almost every session with a FRESH approach change rooted in resilience and freedom.

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Facilitated by Carla Winchester


March 17-19, 2023


March 14, 6-7 PM EST



Facilitated by Brenda Beard L.C.S.W


April 28-30, 2023


April 24, 6-7 PM EST



AAIT™ Foundations is designed to support you in:

helping clients access relief and sustainable change rooted in resolution, resilience and freedom

supporting clients with emotional regulation

discovering where to target your intervention

finding an easy flow for efficient, efficacious sessions that leave you and your clients uplifted

easily accessing deeper levels of compassion and wholeness through working other points of view uproot the tendency to engage in the same triggered reactivity in future similar circumstances

bypassing resistance with ease

supporting your clients as they disrupt disregulated states in minutes

applying deceptively simple tools to help clients release stress from negative thinking and return to calm

utilizing the principles of AAIT™ to get yourself out of the psychotherapy weeds and give context your clients’ new experiences

creating an easy to engage self-care embodiment practice with AAIT™ to finally break free of long standing problems


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Want to learn more?

You have invested so much time and money in your skills, yet helping clients cope with versions of the same struggles may be leaving you feeling DRAINED, DEFEATED and EXHAUSTED.


There is an easier way. That’s why I founded a path to clinical confidence grounded in the COMPETENCE and the CHANGE you and your clients crave – opening pathways to peace and new possibilities.

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