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About the Founder

Meet Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W.

Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W., is an award-winning author, teacher, and psychotherapist with extensive training in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis, Redecision Therapy, Self Acceptance Training, and Energy Psychology. With more than three decades of practicing psychotherapy and studying with master therapists, she developed AAIT™. In addition to training and mentoring, Melanie maintains a small private practice serving other healing arts professionals.


Forest baths, desert walks, time with those she loves, and the wisdom traditions of Kashmir Shaivism feed her heart and soul.

Early in her career, she was given the advice: If you want to master therapy, find a master and study with them. McGhee took that advice to heart. She sought out and had the great good fortune to study with masters of the craft.

This promising transpersonal approach is the formation of this dedicated study coupled with a multi-decade interest and contemplation of nondual philosophy. The results of resolution and resilience alongside increases in personal and spiritual wellbeing are fulfilling for therapists and clients alike.

Since 1984, her psychotherapy practice has been devoted to serving those who journey with mood disorders along with trauma resolution. Much of her practice comprises psychotherapists and other healing arts professionals. In addition to her practice, McGhee has served on the adjunct faculties of the University of Tennessee, Maryville College, and the University of Utah.

On the development of AAIT™ in her own words…

In 1987, I had the great good fortune to meet Dick Olney, the founder of Self Acceptance Training. As a young therapist, I knew I would thrive under the tutelage of a master. Dick was such a master. I joined his training group in Berkeley, CA., and continued studying with him until he shed his body in 1994.

Dick introduced me to those ideas and as a committed meditator, I found the philosophy comforting and clear. After his passing, I dove deeper into my study of non-dual philosophy. 

I studied a bit with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of non-violent communication and Gary Craig, the founder of the emotional freedom technique for a few years and respect their work but I was unsuccessful with finding another mentor.

In 2007, a friend suggested I go to a workshop with Zivorad Slavinski. Slavinski was in the US offering a workshop in Kentucky. I was not very interested until my friend said, “You must go. What he’s doing is like EFT on steroids.” 

By the end of our first morning, I cancelled the rest of my week so I could stay and learn whatever I could in the short week we had together. Since that time, I have made several trips to Europe to study with him as well as with his students, Judith Daniel Vladimir Stojakovic.

What I’ve learned from Zivorad presents the most advanced interventions for resolution through integration I’ve come across. He calls his body of work Spiritual Technology. Slavinski developed clinically practical applications of non-dual philosophy An amazing and truly awesome result is the ensuing liberation from the ego’s automatic response to familiar situations – freedom.

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