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Tag: Acceptance

Taking Responsibility for your Inner State

Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom. This AAIT guiding principle illuminates freedom from old ways of being, thinking, and feeling, bringing about freedom to manifest desires with greater ease of being. It involves inviting clients into increased awareness of self-responsibility in

Problems and Solutions

Woven throughout the body of Zivorard Slavinski’s work is the influence of Roberto Assagiolo, On a low level of consciousness there are no solutions, and on high levels of consciousness, there are no problems. I’ve been leaning into my contemplation of this principle in the wake of continuous gun violence. I’m

How Is AAIT Different From Other Models Based On Acceptance?

The acceptance aspect of Acceptance and Integration Training is part and parcel of the work most of us offer. It’s not about indulging our reflex to right things for our clients. It’s about finding ways to help our clients allow space for their experience of BEING in life. – In

The meaning of acceptance when dealing with grief

Anniversaries can sneak up on us, leaving a feeling of loss, a sense of something really not right, sorrow or maybe irritation. My father took his next assignment on March 31, 2013.

For days I’ve been thinking of him, reviewing the long days of his last days, remembering the sound of his laughter which is no longer easy.