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Tag: Mental Health

What is a REAL apology?

Here we go again. Public apologies for some egregious behavior. Inevitably it falls short, often woefully short. Apparently, we all still have a ways to go on landing a genuine apology. Everyone has done things that deserved an apology. If you are not among this group, keep on scrolling. If

Missing the Insidious Influence of Distorted Thinking

One of the biggest mistakes we make as therapists is missing the insidious influence of distorted thinking in the stories we hear. If we DO catch it, we can still get caught in the snare of the content of the story somehow. Understanding and helping clients develop the capacity to

Empathy’s Role

The last few weeks, I’ve been going the long way around answering a question raised by a talented young therapist, “What is the role of empathy in AAIT?” NOW, I think I’m ready to more directly answer the question.

Empathy is essential in ANY therapeutic relationship. It is crucial to developing trust which is critical to establishing a collaborative relationship. Collaboration is central to creating a solid crucible for transformation and is one of the five phases of AAIT.

Pause, Recognize the Value of Your Work

Our skills are needed. If you have the space in your life and can offer your services, I trust you will. It can be easy to minimize the work we do. Please don’t. Pause, take a minute and recognize the value of the work you do, reflect on the investment you’ve made in your skills. Though you may not be able to head to Texas, your presence, your work matters right where you are.