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An AAIT Jingle To Bring In The New Year

Happy New Year to you all! As if we weren’t already excited about everything happening in the AAIT™ community, we got this amazing little jingle from Susan Bryant-Nelson, a student in this year’s cohort of the Fellowship Training Group.

It’s too good not to share! Thanks Susan!

Out with the old, in with the new?

How ‘bout a blend or merge of the two?

When East meets West or bad meets good,

What’s left now where those once stood?

Enough, not enough, bound or free;

Anxious or calm, what will it be?

Sad or happy, confident, afraid;

Do you wish you’d left? Are you glad you stayed?

2020 begins with a bang!

Not like cymbals, a loud empty clang. 

But here with a chance to find the true you;

To be real with yourself in all that you do. 

If you want to find this, and so much more,

To learn what you were put on this earth for,

Know it IS a new dawn of a brand new day

Expect every wonder to make it your way. 

Give love to others as you would receive,

And find someone who practices AAIT!

If you’re looking for an AAIT™ practitioner, be sure to visit our practitioner page by clicking here. New practitioner profiles are being added soon. Also, to learn about upcoming training opportunities, such as the AAIT™ Foundations workshop in Chicago January 31 – February 2, click here.