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Clinical Spotlight: Logan Mahan, L.M.S.W.

Tell us about what’s lighting you up about who you serve.

Since transitioning out of residential treatment and into a private practice setting this year, I’ve loved the ability to work more intentionally with men, specifically gay men and other sexual minority men. These men come to me often carrying the burden of heavy injunctions against themselves–who they’re supposed to be, how they’re supposed to look and behave–unique to the experience of growing up LGBT in the South. Watching these men use AAIT to reclaim parts of themselves they believed they had to cut off in order to survive and learn to trust their own bodies and minds has been more satisfying than words can capture.


What wins are you experiencing with AAIT?

Over the past few months, I’ve developed an increasing comfort with the “Crest Jewel” of AAIT, Deep Prime Energy Activation & Transcendence (PEAT). As clients experience the layers of conscious and unconscious conditioning fall away, I’ve watched them start to lift out of depression and gain clarity and sharpness, almost as if they’re seeing the world for the first time, or like scales have fallen away from their eyes. It’s very gratifying.


What made you decide to become certified in AAIT?

I was a social work intern when my supervisor, Bobby McNamara, introduced me to AAIT several years ago. Now an AAIT instructor himself, Bobby was at the time working through the Fellowship Training Program and was able to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of AAIT as I sat in on his work with clients. Watching Bobby help a client integrate and heal from a haunting traumatic event was enough for me. I was sold.


How has your practice changed since you became certified?

I see my ability to step out of agency work and into a private practice setting as a direct result of my training in AAIT. AAIT offered me effective techniques nested in a compelling framework of acceptance and non-duality. But more than that, Melanie guided me in how to use AAIT myself to overcome my own self-imposed limitations and step confidently into therapeutic work that makes a difference in the lives of my clients every day while allowing me to financially thrive.


What would tell someone who is interested in getting trained in AAIT but is on the fence?

Do this training. For yourself and for your clients. I know for me, having a tangible, effective approach to help clients reach healing, lightness, and ease was a no brainer. The financial investment is worth it. The investment of your time is worth it. People in our world right now are hurting, and they need competent, confident therapists with tools that can help them heal quickly. AAIT can help you be just such a therapist. 


How can people find you?

I work as a therapist specializing in sexual minority men at Trailhead Treatment Center near UTK’s campus in Knoxville, TN, and I also offer ketamine-assisted therapy at Revitalist in West Knoxville. 

You can find me on Facebook at or email me at