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A Heart Full of Appreciation

Phew! What a ride! For the past ten months, a stalwart group of practitioners have met, studied and diligently practiced Acceptance and Integration Training. Working to learn new skills and shift paradigms from the clunky searching for insight and trying to make behavioral changes to helping clients untangle from the fundamental polarized energetic charge that drives pain and dysfunction, takes time. They devoted their time and are reaping the rewards. Several of the participants now have full practices and several are launching their private practice. It really truly thrills me to think of all the people who will benefit from their dedication.

At this point, I’ve trained enough people that I no longer wonder if the results I get with clients are replicable. People often ask that. I get it, I’ve been practicing a very long time. You’d expect after 33 plus years, I’d have a modicum of skill. FTG trainees report their clients experience the same foundational changes happening rapidly and with ease.

THAT’S why we got into this game, right? To HELP people. How very satisfying and fulfilling it is to do that – to help people make real CHANGE real FAST.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holidays, my heart is filled with appreciation for the honor of teaching the 2017 Acceptance and Integration Fellowship Training Group. I thank each one of you for your dedication and trusting me as your teacher.

In the next couple of weeks, Elle (my incredible and oh so talented assistant) will be adding a section to to help clients find a practitioner and you’ll get to meet the 2017 Fellowship Training Group. In the meantime, Here’s a pic! Congratulations to Sara Ridner, L.C.S.W., Bobby McNamara, L.C.S.W., Jody Butler, L.C.S.W., Elizabeth Cole, M.S., Flo Paquet, Michele Weber, Lauren Startup, and Tammy Marshall!  And congratulations to Justine Haley, L.C.S.W. who is finalizing her training as an AAIT Trainer! Yay!! (Tammy and Elizabeth were not able to join us in person for our last session, but you can catch a glimpse of Elizabeth on the laptop screen).

As I said my heart is full of appreciation. Appreciation feels richer to me than gratitude somehow – a different quality. Some of you know how at the end of meditation, I suggest taking a moment to access, tune in to appreciation for ourself, each other, those with whom we share life and LIFE itself. This pause at the end of meditation anchors the sweetness that comes from time spent in quiet spaciousness of being.

Since the close of the 2017 AAIT Fellowship Training Group, I’ve been especially appreciative of others. I’m appreciative of my family, my teachers and deeply appreciative of my clients and students. Color me blessed.