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2019 in Review

AAIT & EMDR – What’s the Difference?

Last Thursday I presented on treating trauma with AAIT at the Psychiatric Symposium in Knoxville, TN. In addition to demonstrating using the Fingertip Method along with aspect retrieval, I shared a few tips on how to help clients return to NOW. The participants asked great

Rolling with client “resistance”

We are having an interesting conversation over in the Fellowship Training Group Graduates Club that I thought I’d share. There is a collective wisdom in the community and we can all learn.

Case Study: Alleviating PTSD through AAIT

Marianne’s journey with complex PTSD landed her in my office after more than fifteen years of rambling her way through talk therapy. Committed to her own well-being, she took a risk to try something different, AAIT.

Why Integrating Identities Matters

Recently, the AAIT Fellowship Training Group explored the ins and outs of creating identities to achieve conscious goals. This is such an exciting and liberating way of moving towards goal achievement.

Discovering the Injunctions Ruling Your Clients

INJUNCTIONS rule. They are insidious and often unconscious.

They are an inner command, a strong DON’T.

Understanding the influence of injunctions can help us support our clients in learning to recognize them and dismantle from them.

Clarity, One Key to Real Change

As most folks have their attention on their goals at this time of year, this is a great time to revisit the overarching goals that bring clients into our offices.

As I scheduled a….