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Why Integrating Identities Matters

Recently, the AAIT Fellowship Training Group explored the ins and outs of creating identities to achieve conscious goals. This is such an exciting and liberating way of moving towards goal achievement.

Each goal requires the activation of an identity who can achieve that goal. Most of the time this is going on at an unconscious level. When you are driving, you are in the driver identity. When you are parenting, you are in the parent identity.

It doesn’t really work well if you are in the parent identity and you are relating to a friend or spouse.

Learning to use and integrate identities is akin to creating a cozy and perfect match wardrobe that allows us to move from this to that event in life with ease and perhaps a modicum of grace.

The first step is to identify a goal. That in itself can take a little time to unpack.

Why does that goal matter? So what? So you achieve the goal, what will that DO for you? What comes up when you consider that goal?

Once identified, an exploration reveals where the stuck points are, all the little ways we will sabotage our success.

Sentence completions are my fave for exploration.

— The person who achieves this goal MUST believe (about herself, others, and life) —

This collection of affirmations become the doorway for the integration of an identity that actually ACHIEVES the chosen goal. Integra process is my go-to for identity integration.

Another exploration includes completing the sentence, “The kind of person who achieves this goal DOES…”

This collection reveals behavior changes to add to the practice plan. Deep PEAT 4 is a sweet way to easily integrate behavior changes that will support the realization of our goal.

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