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About True Self…

It’s come to my attention that I give very little attention to writing about true self. I mean one part of the AAIT™ equation is about resolving reactivity. But the other part is about uncloaking the true self.
I suppose I don’t write too much about that is because…well, we are entering the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao territory. It’s challenging to find the words, it’s like they fall through my fingertips like sand disappearing on the beach.
Maybe I’ll start with just talking about why uncloaking the true self matters. As we begin untangling from the pain and charge of conditioned reactivity, there is a natural alignment with a part of us that is closer to who we really are…not who we think we should be or who we think others think we should be.
There’s grace in that kind of freedom. There’s beauty in the psycho-emotional and relationship storms that lead to that kind of freedom.
Uncloaking the true self means shedding the ideas and parts of us we identify with and shifting identification to the being we are. For many of us, this leads to experiences of Oneness. Of course these experiences collapse, but the effect stays with us.
Over time, our goals become less about managing the day to day as the days seem to flow with more ease, even during these challenging times. Our goals become higher, psycho-emotionally and spiritually higher. Uncloaking and abiding in the awareness of the true self becomes more alluring and accessible.
It’s like once we realize that we can handle and in fact find an easier state of being amidst life’s challenges, it’s like Awareness itself wants to expand.
What do you think is the value of uncloaking the true self? AND do you think this is even something that belongs in the therapy room?