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Tag: AAIT Essentials

About True Self…

It's come to my attention that I give very little attention to writing about true self. I mean one part of the AAIT™ equation is about resolving reactivity. But the other part is about uncloaking the true self. I suppose I don't write too much about that is because...well, we

Neatness Counts in Small Amounts

I used to be a messy person...really messy. Piles of papers. Piles of books. Piles of dishes. Piles of clothes kind of messy. While my sweet husband is not. Early in our relationship he would often say, "Neatness counts in small amounts." I gradually became neater, bit by bit. Now

Taking Steps…

We are all consistently taking steps. Are these steps in the direction of our goals? All the little steps, all the little habits add up to routines. Do these routines support your goals? Let’s just look at this professionally. What are your professional goals? Me? I want to be masterful


Embodiment takes place within an awareness of with whom we are collaborating; the true self AND the conditioned self. The conditioned self gets reactive about some desire or problem. In practice, we use that reaction to reveal more and more of the true self. As we play the game of

Embodiment – Behind the Scenes

One of the many things I just really love about AAIT is the profound usefulness it has to practitioners in our own lives. I engage in personal practice pretty much daily. It’d be weird to go a day without….

Clarity, One Key to Real Change

As most folks have their attention on their goals at this time of year, this is a great time to revisit the overarching goals that bring clients into our offices.

As I scheduled a….

One small change can lead to expansion

EXPANDING our comfort zone is inextricably linked to expanding our reach. We all have comfort zones, in just about every area of life, food, movement, travel… Same when it comes to our practices. Most of us get into a comfort zone and hang there.