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Embodiment takes place within an awareness of with whom we are collaborating; the true self AND the conditioned self. The conditioned self gets reactive about some desire or problem.

In practice, we use that reaction to reveal more and more of the true self. As we play the game of hide and seek between the two, we can access greater awareness of both resources and obstacles. This game reveals the gold of becoming more established in who we are, present to the mystery and wonder of life.

Most people play this game of life without conscious awareness, allowing the accumulated debris of neglected reactivity to go unchecked, seeding itself within. Such seeds lie dormant until triggered in daily life provoking some reaction, often wrecking all kinds of havoc with our mood and relationships.

Accepting and integrating this charged, triggered energy along with associated tensions is like hygiene for heart and soul. We RESOLVE the problems associated with a narrative rather than indulging the narrative and mining it for insight.

INSIGHT naturally arises once charge is neutralized. Integration neutralizes the charge, making space for the wisdom of the true self to emerge.

The true self is a being unencumbered by the limitations associated with a narrative. The conditioned self comprises all the ways our reactive ego comes out to play. In embodiment practice, we use one to reveal the other. Each time we sit for our own practice or we help our clients with AAIT, we manifest a collaboration with ourselves. It is a form of deep Self-respect.

What else do you need to know to before deciding to begin learning this trailblazing approach? Email me at I seriously want to know.