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EMBODIMENT ~ Unsatisfying States Edition

When people first begin embracing an embodiment practice at home, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

It’s always best to start where we are. Yes, I know, this sounds like something POOH would say. Still, if you are particularly troubled by some unsatisfying state, start there.

Identify the primary energy of your experience, as best you can. Discover an opposite and practice integration. In its simplest form, this can look like using End of Words. A step up from that would be using Deep PEAT 4. Whereas the more layered processes that Fellowship Training Group participants learn guides to a deeper and broader release into WHOLENESS.

Nonetheless, whatever we are upset about takes priority for embodiment practice at home. Paying attention to those times when we feel anything less than peace, ease, love, or joy is a ready guide. And even something as simple as End of Words can land us in the awareness of our inner spaciousness, free from tension.

Notice when you find yourself reacting rather than responding. Using these feelings as a reference point, you can begin to uncover and dismantle the incessant and compulsive play of the conditioned self in your life.

Unsatisfying states often present as problems consisting of reactions we are having to life circumstances and other people. They are the primary ideas, limiting beliefs, habits and experiences that inhibit our sense of pleasure in life. Sometimes, it looks like imposing “shoulds” on ourselves and others, or even on life as a whole.

Taking hold of these paradoxically leads to dropping our end of the rope. Try it.

I am so lit up by the changes AAIT practitioners are facilitating with their clients, even in the midst of these deeply challenging times. What difference might it make to you and your clients if you had the means to effect ready change?

Email me. Let’s talk about your practice, let’s chat and find out.