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Tag: Integration

EMBODIMENT ~ Unsatisfying States Edition

When people first begin embracing an embodiment practice at home, it can be challenging to know where to begin. It’s always best to start where we are. Yes, I know, this sounds like something POOH would say. Still, if you are particularly troubled by some unsatisfying state, start there. Identify

Shining Human Qualities

One aspect of embodiment practice is the practice of embodying the attributes and qualities that light us up...that give us the juice to do LIFE. Paying attention to qualities and traits we see in others can point us to where we can unearth those same qualities lying dormant within ourselves.

Problems and Solutions

Woven throughout the body of Zivorard Slavinski’s work is the influence of Roberto Assagiolo, On a low level of consciousness there are no solutions, and on high levels of consciousness, there are no problems. I’ve been leaning into my contemplation of this principle in the wake of continuous gun violence. I’m

How To Embody The Best Of Who You Are

EMBODIMENT Most of us think of embodiment having to do wholly with our bodies. With AAIT, embodiment is a home practice that puts the power to disrupt a “sub-optimal state of being” in our hands, within our grasp. This is profoundly empowering for practitioners and our clients. – Embodiment gives

How To Tend To Tension Between Two Emotions

If Self Acceptance was a country, Dick Olney would be its Poet Laureate. If Integration was a country, Zivorad Slavinski would be its Minister of Wholeness. Dick was fond of the ancient Arabian aphorism, “Trust God and tie your camel.” I found the seeming tension between these two compelling. The

Case Study: How AAIT™ Helped Marie On Her Journey To Friendship

Marie has been journeying with depression and anxiety for more than two decades. She tried just about everything possible from medications to electro-convulsive therapy along with years of therapy. It was the discovery of the right medication alongside her diligent practice with AAIT that brought us to what she wanted

Waking Up

In the late eighties, our daughters were two and four. David and I were in the thick of parenting and finding our footing as young professionals. It was a busy and challenging time.