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How To Embody The Best Of Who You Are


Most of us think of embodiment having to do wholly with our bodies. With AAIT, embodiment is a home practice that puts the power to disrupt a “sub-optimal state of being” in our hands, within our grasp. This is profoundly empowering for practitioners and our clients.

Embodiment gives us what we need to restore ourselves to an ease of being that allows for greater present focused awareness all while letting go of the associated tensions of the problem, generally for good. As Heather Williams Beverly shared, self regulation is now recognized as one of our most important skills.
Boy o boy do most of us AND our clients need this premier skill and FAST!
Unwanted, unsatisfying states of being are sub-optimal. They influence our choices and tend to be reactive in some way. They come from our conditioned self rather than emerging from a place that is closer to our true self. These accumulated choices form our destiny.
Penny hopped into the van to pick up her two teenage sons from basketball practice. With irritation, she glanced at the strew of boy paraphernalia littering the van. She decided she had time to hop over to the drive through and give the car a quick clean. Still irritated, she used the time while the car was going through the wash to integrate clean car / dirty car.
By the time she was out of the car wash, she was in a much better state of being. As she vacuumed the van and boxed up the boys’ detritus, she came up with a plan for keeping the car clean.
When she picked up the boys, she was in a cheerful mood and engaged her sons in a playful discussion that lead to a clear plan to keep the van clean. When I checked with her six months later, the van was still clean. Imagine how this scenario could have gone if Penny just gave in to the seething irritation.
How do you help your clients embrace the power they have to take responsibility for and tend to their state? How do you keep your own practice going?
As we know, embodiment is not a one shot deal. It’s on repeat. For our state of being is dynamic, not static.
Message me to learn how AAIT can support your personal embodiment and help your clients embody the best of who they are.