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Tag: Curate Your State


When our minds are brimming with worries about this or that, cluttered with the emotional pain that comes from encountering the challenges of life, we are simply less present. Our relationships suffer, our work suffers, our life experience suffers. – In those moments, we are identified SOLELY with the conditioned

How Long Do You Want To Feel Bad?

A client recently shared that she and her husband had a bit of a row.  And, although she now has a plethora of effective tools at her fingertips to clear and release negative feelings, she just wanted to feel bad for a while. So she gave herself 5 minutes, “I’m

How To Embody The Best Of Who You Are

EMBODIMENT Most of us think of embodiment having to do wholly with our bodies. With AAIT, embodiment is a home practice that puts the power to disrupt a “sub-optimal state of being” in our hands, within our grasp. This is profoundly empowering for practitioners and our clients. – Embodiment gives

How To Dive Beneath The Wave To Manage Your State

When I learned to swim in the ocean, my dad taught me to watch the waves carefully. He instructed that some waves were just going to be too big for me and I’d need to dive under them so I didn’t get banged up in the surf.   The pandemic

The Sphere of Influence

“I JUST want him to LISTEN to me!” “I want her to RESPECT me!” Who among us has not heard some version of this when we ask our clients what they would like to address in their session? These wants point to very real human needs and the underlying pain

Embodiment – Behind the Scenes

One of the many things I just really love about AAIT is the profound usefulness it has to practitioners in our own lives. I engage in personal practice pretty much daily. It’d be weird to go a day without….

Little Pockets of Beauty

I really appreciate a beautiful garden. I love checking out books on gardening from the library and reading them on my couch, while my yard goes neglected. As an army brat, I never

Helping clients usher in a paradigm shift

“It’s been a total paradigm shift from last week. This is seismic. I feel like I’m on a new planet. It’s like ending a war.” That’s how a client described her experience after a single session. The problem she addressed was not quite being able to bring things to completion.

What is the secret to discipline?

How many times a day, a week, a month do you recommend to one of your clients to meditate, exercise, or engage in some other equally valuable endeavor? More than once, twice? Raise your hands. Most of us do. Of course