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What is the secret to discipline?

How many times a day, a week, a month do you recommend to one of your clients to meditate, exercise, or engage in some other equally valuable endeavor? More than once, twice? Raise your hands. Most of us do. Of course we do. We, like anyone else with a smart phone, we have ample access to information. We know how valuable these things are to well being and life satisfaction.

IF you do have a practice that serves you, SPILL. What’s your secret? We all can learn from each other. What tips can you share that help you have the discipline to engage in practices that nourish your mind, body and soul?

We are healing arts professionals. We KNOW the value of practices that tend to our wellbeing. How many of us engage in these same activities we are asking our clients to do? And there’s the rub. What’s between you and your willingness to engage in hygiene for your heart and soul? For your mind and body?

I grew up with discipline as just a part of life. EVERYWHERE. I’m an army brat. I started dancing when I was five. I can do discipline. And, my sweet one has discipline in spades. There’s a brilliance to discipline, and whatever I have pales in comparison to David. Another story for another time.

Discipline is drawn from the root word disciple. Discipline grants us the energy to be a disciple of our highest, Truest self.

So get real with yourself for a moment. Consider all the things you ask and suggest for clients. Of those suggestions, what do you think would serve you as well? Of those, what are you actually PRACTICING on a regular basis?

What’s your secret if you do engage in practices that nourish your heart and soul? If you don’t, you are NOT ALONE. What gets in your way? It’s likely the same thing that gets in the way for LOTS of people. It’s why I designed the course, Curate Your State.

Click here to learn more details about the course and discover the joy of disciplined action taken to curate a satisfying state of being.

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