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Tag: Self Care

Neatness Counts in Small Amounts

I used to be a messy person...really messy. Piles of papers. Piles of books. Piles of dishes. Piles of clothes kind of messy. While my sweet husband is not. Early in our relationship he would often say, "Neatness counts in small amounts." I gradually became neater, bit by bit. Now

Creating A Crucible For Transformation

CREATING A CRUCIBLE FOR TRANSFORMATION.   By way of introduction, this is the title of the training manual for the AAIT Fellowship Training Group. Participants lovingly refer to it as the Big A$% Notebook. As you might guess, it’s chock full of resources and information to ensure that my students’

5 Tips For Tending To Compassion Fatigue

COMPASSION FATIGUE - "indifference to charitable appeals on behalf of those who are suffering, experienced as a result of the frequency or number of such appeals." It may start out as a kind of numbness or irritability. You might feel impatient or just wish someone would stop talking. Blame, exhaustion

Who is the SELF in self-care?

SELF-care.   What does that even mean?   For me today, part of what it meant was a deep tissue massage to work out the kinks. On a more daily basis, it means all the little doings of life that create an environment I find pleasing, not just an outer

Self Care for Families

Kathy White PT, Feldenkrais and AAIT practitioner extraordinaire recently shared a post on self care for families. One of the PRACTICAL suggestions is to have a morning and evening routine. Word. This is one of the best pieces of advice for ALL of us, especially healing arts practitioners. These routines, when

What is the secret to discipline?

How many times a day, a week, a month do you recommend to one of your clients to meditate, exercise, or engage in some other equally valuable endeavor? More than once, twice? Raise your hands. Most of us do. Of course

Selfish or Self Responsible?

“It just seems selfish,” Amy responded, glancing at her husband. On his face, I saw what looked to be a passing shadow sorrowful surprise followed by deep love.