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Embodiment Practice

EMBODIMENT: Personal Practice Edition

These past couple weeks have shaped up to be media weeks for me. I had a great conversation with Dr. Carole Myers, the host of Health Connections on WUOT about distorted thinking. I also had the opportunity to enjoy a conversation with host, David Van

EMBODIMENT ~ Unsatisfying States Edition

When people first begin embracing an embodiment practice at home, it can be challenging to know where to begin. It’s always best to start where we are. Yes, I know, this sounds like something POOH would say. Still, if you are particularly troubled by some

Taking Steps…

We are all consistently taking steps. Are these steps in the direction of our goals? All the little steps, all the little habits add up to routines. Do these routines support your goals? Let’s just look at this professionally. What are your professional goals? Me?


Embodiment takes place within an awareness of with whom we are collaborating; the true self AND the conditioned self. The conditioned self gets reactive about some desire or problem. In practice, we use that reaction to reveal more and more of the true self. As

Shining Human Qualities

One aspect of embodiment practice is the practice of embodying the attributes and qualities that light us up...that give us the juice to do LIFE. Paying attention to qualities and traits we see in others can point us to where we can unearth those same

The Courage of PRIDE

As we head into PRIDE month, what if we took a beat to recognize the strength and courage it takes to stand in one’s truth of being in the face of oppression and adversity? Deep bows. What if each of us found and cultivated that

EMBODIMENT – Manage your Sh*t Edition

In the rarest of circumstances in the middle of a pandemic, Amanda left her wife and three children for a week-long business trip. Janice, Amanda’s wife is a front-line health care worker. – When Amanda returned to the chaos and demands of being back home,

EMBODIMENT: Personal Practice Edition

I goofed. Then I felt regret and embarrassment about goofing. Anybody else ever been there? In a recent presentation, that I think went well by the way, I quickly blew past a question and blithely mentioned that people rarely leave therapy with me prematurely. Hear

The Illusory Pain Of Not Good Enough

In addition to the not insignificant stress of keeping a business alive in 2020, caring for grandchildren and recovering from major surgery, Madeleine said she was mostly ok. Sincerely, genuinely ok.   The only clouds threatening her inner sky were flurries of not good enough that showed

Dealing With Cognitive Distortions In Anxious Times

Anxious times. – The very human tendency to engage in mental chatter doesn’t help. One tiny thought gets a little sunlight and it’s off to the races with all manner of distorted thinking, like kudzu on fertile ground. – One of the real gifts of