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EMBODIMENT: Personal Practice Edition

These past couple weeks have shaped up to be media weeks for me. I had a great conversation with Dr. Carole Myers, the host of Health Connections on WUOT about distorted thinking. I also had the opportunity to enjoy a conversation with host, David Van Nuys about AAIT™, its origins, and how it is similar AND different from other models. While Health Connections has already aired, you’re welcome to check out Shrink Rap Radio anywhere you download your podcasts.

As I listened back to these interviews, I felt like OK…that’s cool, followed by an immediate feeling of I’mma go hide now. Like immediate and intense.

The life of an introvert, lol!

I mean I share it. It’s just not easy…the urge to hide can be strong. And I need to share it. If I never did, how would more and more people find more and more freedom?

So of course I took that into my personal practice ~ exploring and ultimately integrating Hiding / Being Seen. Finding the sweet wholeness of them being unified makes it possible to more easily share stuff like this.

Where do you find the urge to hide? What is hard for you to share that you know you need to? I encourage you to take this into your own integration practice and see where it leads you!