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The residue of PTSD

One of the most debilitating aspects and consequences of PTSD for some is the development of cognitive distortions that become cognitive habits. One piece of residue can be an ever-present, “Bad sh*t is going to happen. It’s just around the corner” worry.

This was the case for a physician suffering with the aftermath of a trauma. Recognizing how this last hint of the trauma influenced his life, he was particularly disturbed that it kept him feeling distant from his patients. That’s not how he wants to doctor.

He and I dove into integration through one of the multi-layered integration methods AAIT™ offers. Following the internal threads of that limited belief, “bad sh*t’s going to happen,” and the belief, “I can handle it,” he walked himself to a peaceful steady state of being…within a half hour!
Of course, that in itself is quite wonderful. What is more important, however, is the durability of the work. Dr. Client did this work some years ago. The influence of that inhibiting belief is no longer an influence.
One of the things I find most satisfying about AAIT™ practice is that I get to witness, almost every single hour, the transformation of clients as they unbind from the pain that brought them to my door.
Over to you – reflect on what lights you up about the work you did in the last week or so.