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Tag: Psychotherapy

The residue of PTSD

One of the most debilitating aspects and consequences of PTSD for some is the development of cognitive distortions that become cognitive habits. One piece of residue can be an ever-present, "Bad sh*t is going to happen. It's just around the corner" worry. This was the case for a physician suffering

Taking Responsibility for your Inner State

Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom. This AAIT guiding principle illuminates freedom from old ways of being, thinking, and feeling, bringing about freedom to manifest desires with greater ease of being. It involves inviting clients into increased awareness of self-responsibility in

Stepping Into Another Point of View

Our ability to adopt another person’s point of view (POV) steps us and our clients into accepting other people more completely and ultimately reveals the felt sense knowledge of the koan-like question “who is another human being?” More on that at another time ?

As our clients develop and enhance their ability to assume another’s POV….

Secrets to a Flourishing Practice, Part 2

There’s one more secret to a flourishing practice. It’s the one I’ve held to for so long, I didn’t even think of when I was writing Secrets to a Flourishing Practice. Sometimes you just don’t see the nose in front of your own face! It didn’t even come to mind until I saw the comment from my friend, Jeff Brunson.

Secrets to a Flourishing Practice

A recent issue of Psychotherapy Networker asserted 33% fewer people turn to therapy than they did 20 years ago. Good news. Bad news.

The good news is that our clients are more savvy than 20 years ago. They often come in with a higher level of awareness and clarity about what they want. They are seeking rapid relief and may even tell you they don’t have the patience or time for those “slo-mo” approaches from a “by-gone era.”

Check Ins ~ Healing Professionals Need Them Too

I join many millions this week as we reconcile ourselves to the election results and what they tell us about our collective evolution and unmet needs. For me, this began with grief in all its manifestations. For others, it began with excitement. Regardless of who you voted for or who your clients voted for., there are strong reactions.

Unmasking the False Self

Our conditioned, false self is like a cloak of veils woven from our wounds, limited beliefs and idealized self images. Tethered to traumas and fears, the sorrows and pain of unmet needs and defeated goals, we mistake this limited being for our real self. Our clients do the same thing. One of the easiest ways to begin unmasking this limited self is to address reactivity.

Waking Up

In the late eighties, our daughters were two and four. David and I were in the thick of parenting and finding our footing as young professionals. It was a busy and challenging time.

Selfish or Self Responsible?

“It just seems selfish,” Amy responded, glancing at her husband. On his face, I saw what looked to be a passing shadow sorrowful surprise followed by deep love.