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Unmasking the False Self

Our conditioned false self is like a cloak of veils woven from our wounds, limited beliefs and idealized self images. Tethered to traumas and fears, the sorrows and pain of unmet needs and defeated goals, we mistake this limited being for our real self. Our clients do the same thing. One of the easiest ways to begin unmasking this limited self is to address reactivity.

Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness. Reactivity comprises thoughts, images, emotions and sensations (TIES). When we resolve an episode of reactivity through integration, we tend to access states of awareness that are typically associated with higher states of consciousness.

In the beginning this looks like increases in compassion, present focused attention, and decreased reactivity. Such integrations tend to resolve the problem while contributing to spiritual wellbeing and wholeness.

With additional training and repeated practice, we begin shifting identification from these limited, more conditioned versions of ourselves to our real self, more conscious and informed by experiences of the steadier states of nondual awareness.

Moreover, we (and our clients) begin to experience the intention that is at the heart of AAIT, helping humanity wake up from the bad dream of who we think are, the limited conditioned self.

When we shift to these higher states, we are able to consciously meet life’s challenges, transcend the polarities at play in these challenges, and arrive to inner freedom. This freedom from the originating reactivity leads us to make choices that are in alignment with our real self, unencumbered from the energetic charges that keep us bound.

Mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga, exercise, time in nature — these are all means of addressing reactivity and reestablishing oneself in a better state. What makes AAIT significantly different is that once we have resolved some reaction, we tend to be free from that particular reactivity in the future.

Have you experienced how resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness? Beyond resolving the problem, what difference do you think it makes to our clients to help them become more established in these elevated states?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts and experiences. In this way, we can all learn together.