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Shining Human Qualities

One aspect of embodiment practice is the practice of embodying the attributes and qualities that light us up…that give us the juice to do LIFE.

Paying attention to qualities and traits we see in others can point us to where we can unearth those same qualities lying dormant within ourselves. Of course with AAIT, we can use Golden Shadow work to activate those qualities.

It can also be fun to identify a quality or trait you feel drawn to and go on a little easter egg hunt as you move through the day. Look for people, animals and nature expressing that trait, shining like gems in the sea of humanity.

How many times have you heard someone say, I’m just not patient? Can you hear how limiting it is to simply assume the identity of someone who is not patient and stick to that? We are so so much more than the limitations we place on ourselves.

Someone recently pointed to how bold I am. I don’t always feel bold. In fact, I think I could do with polishing the bold in me. I came across an example of bold in USA Olympic Track Team member, Sha’Carri Richardson. in my TikTok thread and LIT ME UP.  So of course, I did a little embodiment practice using Golden Shadow with myself.

I admire the strength, steadiness, grace and unapologetic energy of this woman.

Share examples of shining human qualities you’ve been lit up by recently.