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The Illusory Pain Of Not Good Enough

In addition to the not insignificant stress of keeping a business alive in 2020, caring for grandchildren and recovering from major surgery, Madeleine said she was mostly ok. Sincerely, genuinely ok.


The only clouds threatening her inner sky were flurries of not good enough that showed up from time to time. If you journey with anxiety or depression, these not good enough clouds can wreck havoc on your state.


Fortunately, Madeleine is well established in her embodiment practice. Nonetheless, she felt ready to get at this energy of not good enough and dissolve it once and for all. The ONLY remedy I’ve encountered that can crack this shell of not good enough is KNOWING who you are beyond the illusions of who and others think you should be.


This KNOWING is deeply settling and extremely liberating because in this we EXPERIENCE the sovereign self, the true abiding self. From this awareness, all problems fall away, even the problem of not good enough.


In less than 20 minutes, Madeleine broke through the illusory pain of not good enough and became established in the awareness of her true value and worth.


Applications for the AAIT Fellowship Training Group are now being accepted. If this is the kind of transformation you want for yourself and your clients, schedule a consult call with me. Let’s discover if this is the right experience for you at this time.