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When our minds are brimming with worries about this or that, cluttered with the emotional pain that comes from encountering the challenges of life, we are simply less present. Our relationships suffer, our work suffers, our life experience suffers.
In those moments, we are identified SOLELY with the conditioned self. Through deliberate intentional practice, we can cultivate an awareness of inner spaciousness, uncluttered from the tensions that bind us and influence our choices.
Liberated from the pull of the future and regrets and pains from the past, we discover an increased capacity for easy present focused attention (and help our clients do the same). This is accompanied by a gradual shifting of identification from our conditioned self to more of the truth of who we are. With most people, this also gives rise to increases in compassion for self and others.
The value to psychological and spiritual well-being of such states is only just beginning to be measured and understood. One clear value of integration is the development of spacious awareness. This awareness arises from releasing the stress of charged content.
Aside from the esoteric experiences of transcendent awareness, there is a practical value of integration. Integration reveals a pause, a space between a previously triggering event and our response. We are simply no longer triggered. We become conscious of choice points.
The eloquent wisdom of Viktor Frankel comes alive in our own experience, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response, lies our growth and freedom.” We become aware of the space between stimulus and response in the created by integration.
This is the promise and potential of AAIT. RESERVE your spot now for the upcoming Foundations Course. Or hit me up with your questions, just PM me or drop them in the comments.