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Entering A Non-dual State Of Empty Consciousness

Non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of change. Cultivating an awareness of these states contributes to decreased reactivity and increases in compassion, present-focused attention, and more skillful choices.
This principle sets AAIT apart from other approaches to psychotherapy, self-development, and personal wellbeing. We center the importance of nondual awareness and provide the means to make evident the space between stimulus and response. This space grants us freedom from previously problematic and sometimes compulsive behaviors and thinking patterns.
These patterns create habits of thinking and being. They inhibit our perspective and influence our ability to achieve goals. Untangling from the knots of these patterns, creates the opportunity for new patterns, patterns aligned with who you are, patterns that make way for the expression of your elaborately unique being.
As we know, when tensions release, we feel better. When they are FULLY neutralized of any charge, most people move past feeling better into an experience empty of content and a feeling of spacious transparent awareness. There is no thought, image, emotion, or body sensation other than being present.
This is a non-dual state of empty consciousness or nondual awareness. It can be accompanied by a feeling of wholeness and reveals options we may not have previously seen or would have rejected because we were triggered, pulled by some charged energy. After integration, right action simply becomes more obvious.
Over time, with practice, the footprints into the ease of spacious awareness become more impressed in our psyche. It becomes easier to feel at ease in everyday life, a bit effortless.
Imagine the value of this for yourself. Imagine the value of this for your clients. What else would you like to know about beginning your study of AAIT? Message me. Or drop a line in the comments.
P.S. The scuppernongs this year — Oh my, oh my.