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Anhedonia, the opposite of hedonism.

For those journeying through depression or grief, anhedonia is a pleasure thief. The wild paradox is that in slowing down to the pace of a single moment, however painful, we can access PRESENCE. From there, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to pleasure.

Entering A Non-dual State Of Empty Consciousness

Non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of change. Cultivating an awareness of these states contributes to decreased reactivity and increases in compassion, present-focused attention, and more skillful choices. – This principle sets AAIT apart from other approaches to psychotherapy, self-development, and

Tapping Into The State of Nothingness

Are there any questions about NOTHINGNESS? That question was followed by SILENCE and then a BIG laugh by the AAIT Fellowship Training Group this weekend. All weekend we dove into how to use the stream of consciousness to….

The Common Thread of Spirituality

“I called to the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and put me in a spacious place.” ~ Psalm 118:5

I live in the bible belt. I used to live in the heart of the LDS Church in Salt Lake. I spent years visiting an ashram for weeks at a time. Before that….

Recognizing the Non-dual States of Acceptance and Integration

One of the participants in the AAIT Curate Your State program asked me how we know when we have FULLY accepted and integrated an experience. Such a good question. There are some indicators that make it pretty clear that we have lined up with acceptance and integration. The biggest one is that we learn to rely on the evidence of our own experience. AND AAIT has built-in mechanisms to direct awareness to that experience.