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The Spiritual Nature of AAIT

“People who are peace will surely make peace.”

– Paul F. Knitter

“I am living a rhythm of spiritual growth. I am moving forward in a song of new understanding and still I hear a familiar love that I understand as God. I see now that my past hesitation towards meditation was because I didn’t understand it as moving beyond myself. I had thoughts such as, “How would this promote justice and love to others? Why would I spend so much time on just me?”. Now, I am seeing the peace in me will have to serve as peace for others. It is both a personal and a serving endeavor; this discovery is lending itself to a deep value of what spaces of emptiness, of great acceptance, of vast love can offer. I am fascinated.”

~ Brittany Atterson Tipton, L.C.S.W.”

Brittany wrote this in her commentary on the principle, “Non-dual states of awareness are an indication and mechanism of transformation.”

This is one of the fundamental differences between AAIT and other modalities of care. This is where those who have experienced the work have been challenging and encouraging me to write more about the spiritual nature of this work. Here we go. Brittany’s helping us get this party started.

Non-dual states are empty of thoughts, images, emotions, and sensations. They can also feel like expansive states of PEACE, LOVE, BLISS that are big enough to contain everything, not resistant to anything.

Accessing these states tends to both resolve problems and reveal states that for many feel profoundly spiritual, connected to what we might call God or a feeling of ONENESS.

In this way, with AAIT, we use the experiences, problems, and goals that are all a natural part of the journey of moving through life. We greet them as opportunities to peek behind the veil, the illusion of separation. Experiencing and settling into these states for even a moment supports us in gradually stabilizing in these higher states.

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