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The true self is a being

The core truths around which Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT™) is built are the principles I have experienced first-hand in my OWN life. I have witnessed evidence of them in the lives of my clients, AAIT™ trainees and reports from their clients. These principles inform

Neatness Counts in Small Amounts

I used to be a messy person...really messy. Piles of papers. Piles of books. Piles of dishes. Piles of clothes kind of messy. While my sweet husband is not. Early in our relationship he would often say, "Neatness counts in small amounts." I gradually became

Taking Responsibility for your Inner State

Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom. This AAIT guiding principle illuminates freedom from old ways of being, thinking, and feeling, bringing about freedom to manifest desires with greater ease of being. It involves inviting clients into

Cognitive Distortions: Mind-Reading Edition

Mark was deep in the weeds as he described a situation with a new relationship. His story was peppered with language describing how the other guy felt and what he thought. It took me a minute before asking, Wait, did he TELL you this? Well, no.

Using The Threads Of The Suffering Narrative

Suffering is a part of life. It is not the WHOLE of life, but it is a PART of life. It is enormously empowering to learn to navigate suffering with radical acceptance and integration of opposites. This understanding informs the AAIT principle, The integration of

Living In A Bi-Polar World

We live in a bi-polar world. Day is inseparable from night. Night is inseparable from day. Men are inseparable from women. Women are inseparable from men. We cannot have one without the other. – We experience this dynamic of dualism psychologically. We feel this as

Using Problems As Gateways Into The Non-dual State

Cultivating resilience through induced non-dual awareness, that’s what David and I are presenting on at the upcoming Energy Psychology Conference. Like everyone else, conference organizers pivoted. Instead of meeting in Baltimore. We are meeting virtually. One aspect that sets AAIT apart from other modalities of care is

NASW Chicago – Behind The Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES Ten minutes before I was to begin my presentation, it became clear that I needed technical support. The two women who presented before me flew into action, one headed out to search for a room monitor and tech support, while the other