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Living In A Bi-Polar World

We live in a bi-polar world.
Day is inseparable from night.
Night is inseparable from day.
Men are inseparable from women.
Women are inseparable from men.
We cannot have one without the other.

We experience this dynamic of dualism psychologically. We feel this as charged upset emotional and mental energy wound about some experience that’s bothering us. Suffering is a part of life. It is not the WHOLE of life, but it is a PART of life.

This understanding informs one of the principles of AAIT, The integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.

With AAIT, we use the threads of our suffering narrative to untether the charged tension rather than interpreting narrative and exploring it for deeper insight.

As AAIT practitioners know, insight and awareness expand naturally without laborious or intrusive psychological excavations into the past.

With integration, we naturally expand our capacity to be present to ourself, others and life without getting easily entangled in some resistance.

Slavinski writes, “What was unconscious and compulsive, becomes conscious and a matter of choice. You are set free.”

FREEDOM! Freedom from the tension of pain, freedom to move towards goals with greater ease. What better gift can we give ourselves and our clients?

Message me, let’s chat about how learning to actualize principle could support you and clients in accessing greater freedom. This kind of freedom is transformational at the very core of our being.

photo credit: David Patterson