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Using The Threads Of The Suffering Narrative

Suffering is a part of life. It is not the WHOLE of life, but it is a PART of life. It is enormously empowering to learn to navigate suffering with radical acceptance and integration of opposites. This understanding informs the AAIT principle, The integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.
Imagine two magnets turned towards each other – their energy is neutralized. With integration, we turn the energy of two opposing psychological states towards each other – typically resulting in NEUTRALIZATION of the charged energy. This neutralization is one way we can determine if something is fully integrated.
“When an individual simultaneously experiences two opposing psychological states. The problems built upon those states have a tendency to vanish.” ~ Zivorad Slavinski
With AAIT, we use the threads of the suffering narrative to untether from charged tension rather than interpreting narrative and exploring it for deeper insight. We simply let go of our end of the rope by neutralizing charged energy with integration. Through the radical acceptance that is a part of integration, insight, and awareness expand naturally without laborious or intrusive psychological excavations into the past.
Integration opens us to a natural capacity to be present to ourselves, others, and life without getting easily entangled in some resistance. Slavinski writes, “What was unconscious and compulsive, becomes conscious and a matter of choice. You are set free.”
FREEDOM! Freedom from the tension of pain, freedom to move towards goals with greater ease. What better gift can we give ourselves and our nearest and dearest? This kind of freedom is transformational at the very core of our being. What might it mean to you and your clients if you embraced the power of KNOWING you can access and help them gain access to greater freedom and decreased suffering?
This is possible. Find out how. Join us for the AAIT Foundations Course —
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