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How Long Do You Want To Feel Bad?

A client recently shared that she and her husband had a bit of a row.  And, although she now has a plethora of effective tools at her fingertips to clear and release negative feelings, she just wanted to feel bad for a while. So she gave herself 5 minutes, “I’m going to be as mad as I want to be for 5 minutes and then I’ll let it go!”

Now, there’s a couple of points I want to make here. First, recognize that there is a part of all of us who derives a kind of pleasure from the deliciousness of feeling bad (perhaps that’s something that would be worth clearing) AND, we all have the power to let things go . . . if and when we want to do so.

What I love about this is that she indulged that delicious feeling of being mad and then did her work to release the feeling.  The 5 minutes of being mad reminded me of having a small slice of yummy chocolate cake as opposed to sitting down and eating the whole cake. This whole scenario took no more than 15 minutes. Within 15 minutes, she restored her state. She was able to clearly articulate her point of view to her husband and listen to his AND resolve the issue. That’s not easy to do if you are all wrapped up in the emotional turmoil of feeling bad. If you are caught up in the “charge” of feeling bad, it’s pretty tough to authentically and lovingly connect with yourself and others.

Years ago, I started telling people that I thought that nothing was more important than their feeling good. Recently, I heard an Abraham-Hicks recording where Abraham said the same thing. I think it might be easy to misinterpret that statement. And, I stand by it. Feeling good realigns you and me so we can see and appreciate the beauty in ourselves and others. 

From that place of feeling good, you are empowered to flow with the current of LIFE and move in the direction that will support you in creating a fulfilling life. It’s not as though I’m advocating that you squash those around you so you can
feel good. I’m advocating for each of us to take full responsibility for our own feeling good and learn how to restore our state to a state of feeling good.

If you are interested in learning a practical tool for restoring your state to a state of peace and feeling good, I teach that and more in the upcoming virtual AAIT Foundations workshop. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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