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Using Problems As Gateways Into The Non-dual State

Cultivating resilience through induced non-dual awareness, that’s what David and I are presenting on at the upcoming Energy Psychology Conference. Like everyone else, conference organizers pivoted. Instead of meeting in Baltimore. We are meeting virtually.

One aspect that sets AAIT apart from other modalities of care is the principle, “The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation.”


We go on with the understanding that, “Cultivating an awareness of these states contributes to increases in present focused attention, empathy, self compassion, and more skillful choices.”


There’s a lot to unpack here.


First, non-dual states. What the heck is that? Experientially, they are states that are relatively empty of content (thoughts, images, emotions, and sensations – other than presence of being).


They may feel deeply peaceful, calm, or even blissful.


A non-dual state often feels vast enough to contain the opposites of peace, bliss, and calm, like anger, sorrow, and anxiety. All of these experiences seem ok and part of life.


When we spend more time accessing those states, it’s like we create footprints to follow into the deepest part of the heart and soul, the essence of pure sovereign being.


Sounds pretty lofty, right?


Remember, simplicity is close to perfection. The simple beauty here is that we can use the problems we experience as human beings as gateways into the non-dual state and simultaneously find healing for those problems.


Meanwhile, this moon made me swoon. When I shared this via Insta, a friend responded, “swooning is good for the soul.” So is entering non-dual states of awareness.

Click here for details of the conference. Join us!