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Living In Contentment In The Face Of Suffering

A storyline that loads of folks run with from time to time is a feeling of “how can I be at ease, feel carefree, experience the wind, smile at a child or take delight in the shape of a cloud — when others are suffering, when species are disappearing and the icecap is melting?”

The cognitive dissonance of contentment or ease of being in the face of suffering and destruction provokes all manner of emotional storms — guilt, regret, disappointment, sorrow, fear and for some, rage. The energy associated with this type of dissonance tends to be strong and occasionally paralyzing.

One avenue to untangling from the tension of this play is to explore the other points of view involved. For example, in addition to addressing the issue from your client’s point of view, invite your client to enter the point of view of the one (or ones) who are suffering. In exploring that point of view, what emotions arise? What is wanted or needed from that point of view? Allow time for that point of view to express itself.

Use your skills to resolve the tension found in the other points of view. This exploration may give the client a bit of relief and perspective. However, if the cognitive tendency has been alive for some time, it will take focused embodiment practice at home to dismantle that mental habit.

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