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Indifference As A Form of Relief


I have the heart of a social worker. The desire for justice and autonomy for ALL run deep with me. It’s no surprise that with laws threatening the rights of women, I have opinions and feelings.

For several days last week, I swam in outrage. The waves abated somewhat with the personal work I was doing. Yet another reason I LOVE AAIT. We have, at our fingertips, the means to transform our state.

Righteous indignation and more fell away as I explored integration in this territory. However, the outrage seemed to hang on, showing up in surprising and tenacious ways.

Generally, with something like this, we can readily find an opposite energy to play against but nothing felt just right. Nothing was budging this energy. Peace didn’t do it. Acceptance didn’t do it.

Generally, asking ourselves what we would rather feel or what the opposite is would do the trick. Sometimes, however, we need the perspective of someone else, someone who’s not so tangled up.

I shared my dilemma with David, who suggested INDIFFERENCE as an opposite to OUTRAGE.

That did the trick. The moment he said indifference, I felt a modicum of relief. Later, I dove into those opposites with Pair a Day. Phew! Finally, relief.

The outrage feels much more contained and even productive as right action has become more clear to me.

If any of you feel pulled by the currents of outrage, you might want to try integrating outrage and indifference. Or you could just work with deep acceptance of outrage using End of Words.

Tending to our own state is more important for healing arts professionals than perhaps any other profession. Why do you think that might be so? How important do you think it is?

In the Fellowship Training Group, you will learn extensively how to use this model to help you and your clients navigate difficult waters that tend to come up in life. PM me if you have questions about how AAIT can help you do just that.