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How Therapists, Coaches, and Spiritual Directors Can Activate Positive Energies

I talk and write a lot about how we can neutralize the pain of intra-psychic charge with AAIT. I don’t talk a lot about how we can use an AAIT practice to activate positive energies and traits.

There are so many ways this approach can not only help with emotional regulation but can help us align with more positive states by integrating affirmations, identities and various human traits and qualities.

As a psychotherapist, my use of this model is focused on the resolution of problems. However, coaches and spiritual directors spend more time with experiences and goals.

There are three doorways through which we can enter the garden of this work; problems, experiences, and goals.

Logan Mahan is a graduate of last year’s FTG cohort. These practitioners learn both complex and simple methods to help themselves and their clients. Throughout the year, Logan challenged me to identify which simple practices were comparable to which complex processes.

Sidenote, I LOVE how collaborative this training group is.

Anyway, one of the simpler practices is End of Words. It was developed by Zivorad’s daughter, Ivana Tomanovic. Despite its elegant simplicity, it is deceptively powerful.

It has MANY uses in psychotherapy from disrupting cognitive distortions to decision making. It can also be used to bring alive affirmations.

Whether you are a psychotherapist, coach, or spiritual director, let’s explore whether the Fellowship Training Group can benefit your work with your clients. Click here to learn more about FTG and email me if you have any other questions about how the model can benefit you.

P.S. I have no idea who took this shot. It’s beautiful and I don’t know where it came from — if anyone happens to know…

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