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DISCOVERY: Using Narrative and Accessing FREEDOM from Narrative

“But what about interpretation? What about use of self?”
That was the question a seasoned therapist asked at a presentation on AAIT. First, I got to hand it to AAIT practitioners, I honestly don’t know of any other group that has such a strong awareness of use of self. Nonetheless, there’s loads for all of us to learn there and unpack.
The interpretation question is crystal clear to me. With AAIT, we use the threads of the suffering narrative to untether from charged tension rather than interpreting and exploring it for deeper insight. In this way, we help our clients from untangling from the reactivity of conditioning through acceptance and integration of polarities. Insight naturally arises.
But how? We simply let go of our end of the rope. It’s easy to let go when the charged energy of pain woven through the narrative is neutralized. Through radical acceptance and integration, insight and awareness expand naturally without laborious or intrusive psychological excavations into the past.
Integration opens us to a capacity to be present to ourselves, others, and life without getting easily entangled in some resistance. Slavinski writes, “What was unconscious and compulsive, becomes conscious and a matter of choice. You are set free.”
FREEDOM! Freedom from the tension of pain, freedom to move towards goals with greater ease. What better gift can we give ourselves and our nearest and dearest? This kind of freedom is transformational at the very core of our being.
What might it mean to you and yours if you embraced the power of KNOWING you can access greater freedom and decreased suffering with fair reliability? Isn’t that what your clients are coming to you for?
If that’s not happening everyday in your practice, call me. Message me. It absolutely can be happening. Don’t you and your clients deserve that?

Willa was helping David Patterson meditate on the porch.