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Shining Human Qualities

One aspect of embodiment practice is the practice of embodying the attributes and qualities that light us up...that give us the juice to do LIFE. Paying attention to qualities and traits we see in others can point us to where we can unearth those same

The Subtle Influence of Shoulding

Have you noticed the subtle influence of shoulding in your life? If not, how can you expect clients to get better at recognizing this very natural mental pattern? Maybe it’s something you think a friend should do. Maybe it’s something you think you should do.

Creating Your Intention

We are creating intentions all the time. Most of the time, we are not conscious of them. Anintention is like a whisper inside us, a whisper from the deepest part of us. We just need to hear our own heart’s whisper. In reflecting on how

The Courage of PRIDE

As we head into PRIDE month, what if we took a beat to recognize the strength and courage it takes to stand in one’s truth of being in the face of oppression and adversity? Deep bows. What if each of us found and cultivated that

Why Going Left In Your Practice Gives Clients Real Relief

Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is NOT your grandmother’s therapy, by any stretch.   As I’ve witnessed just how replicable the results for other therapists with their clients, people who are suffering with REAL problems with depression, anxiety, addictions and more, I now stand unapologetically

Are You Stuck In Discovery With Your Client?

With AAIT, we listen deeply for what clients want to change. Sometimes, despite all the pain and desire to realize their goals, they just don’t know where to start. We listen for where pain and tension are keeping them tethered to old ideas, limiting beliefs

The Sphere of Influence

“I JUST want him to LISTEN to me!” “I want her to RESPECT me!” Who among us has not heard some version of this when we ask our clients what they would like to address in their session? These wants point to very real human

Rolling with client “resistance”

We are having an interesting conversation over in the Fellowship Training Group Graduates Club that I thought I’d share. There is a collective wisdom in the community and we can all learn.