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Why Going Left In Your Practice Gives Clients Real Relief

Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT) is NOT your grandmother’s therapy, by any stretch.


As I’ve witnessed just how replicable the results for other therapists with their clients, people who are suffering with REAL problems with depression, anxiety, addictions and more, I now stand unapologetically in the model.


It used to be that I kind of apologized for angling left when most of my colleagues are heading right.


As colleagues explored the why’s, when’s and where’s of client problems, I asked about where they felt the problem in or around their bodies. Then used that tension to resolve the problem, usually in one or two sessions.


As they suggested books on boundaries, I walked clients into and through the ins and outs and good and bad of setting and maintaining boundaries — loosening up the internal bondage around boundaries.


As many colleagues interpreted dreams, I found the fundamental energy of the dream and helped my clients use the dreams to enter transcendent states resulting in profound insights.


AAIT is NOT your grandmother’s therapy.


This five part video series is aimed at introducing psychotherapists, spiritual directors, and coaches to AAIT. Feel free to share as you feel inspired. AND if you want to re-ignite your passion for your holy work, make sure you are on track to join us for AAIT Foundations in Louisiana. Message me to get on the list.

Click the image below to watch the five part video series