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Are You Stuck In Discovery With Your Client?

With AAIT, we listen deeply for what clients want to change. Sometimes, despite all the pain and desire to realize their goals, they just don’t know where to start.

We listen for where pain and tension are keeping them tethered to old ideas, limiting beliefs and compulsive reactivity. It may be in the ruminative content of their mind. It may be in the decisions they made based on traumas and unmet needs.

What cognitive tendency, what pain tethered to some story, what tethered tension is keeping them stuck? We hear the answers in the stories. Yet, as one AAIT™ practitioner reports, most therapists seem to stay stuck in discovery.

What about you? Do you ever get stuck in DISCOVERY?

Getting comfortable with getting clarity with change goals can help. Stay tuned and I’ll share some of my favorite questions for getting to the heart of the matter?

What are your favorite ways to get to the heart of things with your clients instead of getting distracted by all the shiny lights of consciousness?