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Cultivating Love and Healthy Relationships with AAIT

Being in a long term relationship to me means being willing to spend years and if we are lucky, decades learning to love one person AND teaching them to love us.

No one said it was pretty.

When it’s NOT pretty, those times when we get off track in our relationships and get caught up in our own wounding. It happens. It happens to  ALL of us.

Here’s to making love stay.

In the summer of 1981, David and I drove from SLC to Anderson, SC. We traveled in a bright yellow Chevy Luv truck with no air conditioning. We took turns reading to each other, “Still Life with Woodpecker” by Tom Robbins.

On September 12th, 1981 we wed in a tiny country church that has nourished the souls of David’s family since the 1800s.

David has filled my life with much joy and laughter. He makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. It hasn’t always been and probably won’t always be sunshine and roses. Nonetheless, the roses he gives me every year on our anniversary reflect the beauty of our promise to each other.

David is the first person who introduced me to one of the principles that informs AAIT, “Taking responsibility for and tending to our state is the source of our freedom.” He demonstrated this principle in action, long before the language of the principle came into formation.

Our shared commitment is to live this principle, to move the muck out of the way that inhibits our kindness to each other, to do our own work. Even in the cloudy times, we both KNOW that the other one is doing the best they can to return to kindness and respect.

Our lives are so very precious and so very short. I’m deeply grateful to be sharing mine with David.

It is hard to place the value AAIT has had on helping me heal relationship pain and restore love. I first saw the value in my work with clients and realized I better start practicing myself! Boy o boy am I glad I did.

Join us for Curate Your State and begin cultivating better more satisfying relationships and steadier states of being. As a healing arts professional, don’t you deserve state of the art means to restore your state and heal relationship pain?

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